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Scorch Powder – 75 Servings

Fat Burning Power Powder



Red MAN Perfect Shaker


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Scorch powder is a comprehensive blend of fat burning and energizing ingredients to increase your results when dieting. Scorch features 3X tea power, 3X Carnitine power and is fueled by organic caffeine from green coffee beans.


When combined with proper diet and exercise, Scorch powder helps amplify your fat burning potential through clean energy from organic caffeine and increased thermogenesis from multiple tea and carnitine sources.

Scorch will provide super smooth energy and a euphoric “buzz” through specifically dosed stimulants and mood elevating ingredients. The wear and tear of dieting on your energy levels and will power can take a toll both mentally and physically. Utilizing a tool like Scorch powder can greatly aid in staying on track!

43 reviews for "Scorch Powder – 75 Servings"

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    Great sustained energy and great flavor. Perfect when you are on the go.

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    Great product. Gives you that extra boost without the jitters. Clean, lasting energy.

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    I LOVE this stuff! I got the strawberry kiwi flavour and it is amazing! It’s gives me the energy in the morning to make it through those long boring lectures without falling back as sleep! Not to mention I feel like my body is ACTUALLY burning fat all day before I have the chance to hit the gym. Huge RAVE on this!

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    Great long lasting energy without the jitters!!! Love this product and it’s amazing flavor!

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    Tastes great, good in between meals or afternoon pick me up, great pre cardio/high intensity training. No jitters clean energy!

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    Great product! First off I recieved it really fast and loved the little note in the box. Something simple but I loved it! Love the taste, and that it gives me that extra pick me up in the mornings! Will most definitely be buying more products soon!

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    I just recently added Scorch to my supplement regiment. I do fasted cardio and lifts Mon-Fri. I take this first thing in the morning before I get to the gym. It really helps wake me up and get me focused and energized for the day. I have seen a significant difference in my body since I started using it. My main reason I added this was to help bust through some stubborn fat and I can say in two weeks I have dropped 6 pounds. My stomach is looking leaner and I can see visible difference in my legs as well. I really enjoy the mango flavor in the morning. It is good to note that it mixes incredibly well. I would suggest taking with ice cold water over room temperature may be a personal preference but I like it much better ice cold.

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    Absolutely LOVE this flavor! My favorite yet! Me and my boyfriend LOVE IT!

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    The flavors are just like liquid candy! It’s great for a preworkout pick-me-up, and curbs my sweet tooth all at the same time! I highly recommend getting this!

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    Really like this stuff… gives great energy without all the jitters. Would definitely recommend to a friend!!

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    Really like this stuff… gives great energy without all the jitters. Definitely would recommend to a friend!

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    This stuff is the bomb!! Tastes amazing and helps me stay awake for those 8 am lectures and gives me energy to workout after classes all day!

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    I love that the mango flavor actually tastes like mango and not some chemical knockoff, no jitters and I make it through my day with no crash. Saving up for my next order, I’m in Canada and the exchange rate and shipping costs were double the USD prices 🙁

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    Trying to give this review 5 stars but my computer wont let me click on the 5th! But this stuff rocks! got the mango flavor. Have been taking the Yohimbine twice a day and then this stuff as a pre workout. Tastes amazing and gives me amazing energy and focus. Have been a big fan of gameday for a while now but this is my new favorite!

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    I got the strawberry kiwi flavor and I absolutely love it. Gives me just the right amount of energy without a nasty come down when it wears off. The strawberry kiwi is kind of tart but I love it!

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    Scorch really helps me with getting up and going in the mornings without feeling jittery ! I’ve given up coffee and one scoop of this is equaling the 4-5 cups of coffee I used to drink but with the bonus of no jitters !

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    Mango taste amazing! I love the energy I get from this. First thing in the morning it gets my day going, I also take it right before a workout and get through cardio much better now. Over all a great product.

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    Started using on 7-18-17. Have used each morning. Helps me get my water intake started for the day. Curbs my appetite. Along with CLA I’ve lost 10 pounds since July 18

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    I’m new to the whole fitness thing and I’ve always had it in my head that these things never work… well I rodeo so I’m obviously a Fallon Taylor fan who swears by this stuff so why not give it a try. Before I started I religiously had to have a diet Dr Pepper or rockstar zero every morning or else I’d get intense caffeine headaches ( I don’t drink coffee) I tatted scorch about 2 weeks ago and am AMAZED! Haven’t had a soda or energy drink since and my snacking cravings through out the day have disappeared! Just placed my 2nd order with mansports couldn’t be happier! Their customer service is like no other super helpful answering any questions right away and getting you your product as fast as possible. Definitely have been and will continue to recommend to everyone I know!

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    This provides a great preworkout without any jitters. The grape flavor is really good. I use this in the mornings before I work out. I have good energy for my workout and during the morning afterward. Really good product!

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    Love this stuff, I drink it first thing in the morning and it helps me get my day started without having to have a soft drink! My favorite product I’ve tried so far!

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    Received this product on time in great shape, with a nice note from MAN Sports. Loved the taste, Strawberry Kiwi and how easy it is to take. Mixes clear, no chunks or grainy texture. Gives an even energy boost and makes you feel awake and ready to tackle the day. I have been taking mine exactly as directions say for a week now. I also take another half scoop in afternoons with a scoop of aminos. Keeps me going all day, while burning fat. Love it as a preworkout for fasted cardio. Thanks MAN will be ordering again!

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    I absolutely love this product, it helps me get started in the morning! The Strawberry Kiwi flavor is my favorite!

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    I love this Product! I hardly ever “need” a soda throughout the day anymore! I now crave some mango scorch water! Best thing that has ever happened to me! Thanks MAN sports for such an awesome product! Cannot wait for my CLA powder to come in!

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    Worlds greatest product! Who needs soda?! No thanks i have scorch!

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    Incredible product! The favor taste real and wonderful. I have the Strawberry Kiwi one and I use it everyday! I’ve been able to cut out pop thanks to Scorch!

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    Grab your butt and hang on. I used to drink a cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning, BUT NOT NO MO!!! This stuff not only wakes you up in the morning but also keeps you up with no crash. Seriously, NO CRASH. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t tell when it wore off. Do yourself a favor and get it. Looking forward to ordering more in the future.

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    Great clean energy, good taste, easy to use.

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    I wouldn’t want to start my day any other way now! I have so much energy once I take scorch! Strawberry kiwi is where it’s at!

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    It might be the best thing out there. no crash. clean energy. I love it.

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    I LOVE this for some early morning fasted cardio!! Good flavor and mixes well!!

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    Omg I love this product, I haven’t craved a soda or caffeinated drink at all!

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    I’ve tried ALOT of supps and been in the fitness industry a long time, and a gym buff before that. Most energizers, pre-workouts, focus mixes leave me feeling terrible, but Scorch does it just right

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    This is the new coffee! This helped me wake up in the morning right away. I was a little nervous it was going to give me the jitters or make me feel like my heart was going to pop out of my chest, but it didn’t . It honestly felt like clean natural energy that helped with early morning work outs. It also tasted really really good! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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    I literally never leave reviews, but this product is worth raving about!!! I used to drink upward of 4 energy drinks a DAY. This incredible supplement has eliminated my need for energy drinks by providing me with a long lasting burst of energy, without jitters or crash. The mango flavor tastes like a sweet treat without messing up my macros. Mansports has a fan for life!(:

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    I love this stuff! I drink it around lunch to get me through the afternoon at work and to curb my sweet cravings throughout the afternoon. It doesn’t give me any jitters or shaky hands like I get with some stuff…plus the pink lemonade tastes great!

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    This stuff tastes amazing. I have the strawberry kiwi and I don’t know that I’ve tasted a better pre workout. I’t really makes me sweat, and I’ve noticed an increase in my workout intensity. My only complaint is i don’t feel that initial rush like i do with others. Overall i do really love this product and will continue to buy

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    Was actually surprised at the flavor, it is pretty good! 2 scoops in the morning, do some reading and then exercise and ready for the day!
    No pounding heart, no jitters, no crash, I am a happy camper. Will be buying more and hitting up more of the products soon.

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    This is seriously hands down by favorite! I love the pink lemonade flavor. Curbs all my sweet tooth cravings. Keeps me away from pop for sure and keeps me motivated to workout! I will for sure be buying more!

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    So after reading many reviews I got excited and ordered this product. I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine but I read that it doesn’t make you too jittery so when I first tried it I went all in. Big mistake! If you’re also sensitive to caffeine then start with 1/2 to 1 full scoop. Almost immediately I was bouncing off the walls! But that was completely my fault and not the product itself. Once I correctly dosed it worked really well! I got the strawberry kiwi and the taste isn’t bad, though it is a bit strong. I would definitely dilute it.

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    Got the pink lemonade flavor, and it tastes great. I only use 1 scoop in the AM on an empty stomach though. I’m unable to do 2 scoops due to stomach issues and jitteriness (caffeine sensitivities). I like the powder better than the pills personally, but both are great!

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    Started taking this as a pre workout for my spin classes and I’m in love. Doesn’t make me jittery or uncomfortable. It’s just right. My fiance calls it my happy powder bc of the mood boost it gives me. Will definitely repurchase!!!

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    Scorch is my all time favorite product by MAN Sports. Its the perfect way to wake up every morning, or a great pre workout in the evenings! Great Flavor &Clean energy. Id recommend this product to everyone 🙂

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