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In order to burn fat and recover from intense workouts quickly you must utilize all the hours in the day. Bar none, these are some of the keys for success with any intense fitness, bodybuilding or athletic program. Typically, we aren’t getting the quality of sleep we all desire. REM-P.M.’s comprehensive formula will aid in optimizing this time of the day and allow you to achieve higher levels of performance and recovery.*

MAN Sports™ has gathered exceptionally pure, natural ingredients from 3 different continents to create the Master Formula for REM-P.M.™ Every ingredient has gone through sophisticated methods of purification and concentration to allow MAN Sports™ to incorporate this powerful formula in the smallest possible dose.

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146 reviews for "REM-PM- 60 Caps"

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    A great product, I use this to help with recovery when I am training super hard and dieting Low calorie.It is great gets me a sleep and helps keep me in a sound sleep. I wake up feeling great!!!

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    So, I have an extremely hard time falling asleep. I’ve tried a lot of different techniques and a lot of different “supplements,” both herbal and medical and prescription. This is one of the few things that has worked, and it’s great! My quality of sleep is enhanced, not just the amount of sleep, which is amazing. Even my husband takes it when he feels the need. I like that it’s a thermogenic, and that’s why I bought it, but I *love* the quality it brings to my sleep.

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    Listen GET THIS IN YOUR LIFE!!!!! I have a very demanding job and even working out and trying a nighttime routine has not ever given me the restful FULL sleep that this has. It’s life changing!

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    I’ve recently started going to the gym before work, this requires getting up at 3:30am. I also work 13 hour shifts. This makes it difficult to get the hours of sleep I want (there just isn’t enough time in the day). I felt a difference after the first night of using the Rem-pm supplement. Even though I only get 5-6 hours of sleep on worknights, I’ve been having deep and quality sleep without feeling too groggy when that 3:30am alarm goes off. I can’t speak to the fat burning effects yet since i’ve only been using it for just over a week. But I haven’t slept this well in months, maybe years. Thank you MAN Sports!!

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    I’m in love with REM PM. I have a chronic nerve pain disorder which results in me getting little to no sleep due to pain. I’ve been prescribed and taken over the counter sleep aids, not a single one of them has worked for me. 30 minutes after taking REM PM I’m sound asleep. I still wake up throughout the night but not nearly as much as I do without taking it, and I know my situation is different than most. This has been a lifesaver for my sleep! Thank you MAN Sports for creating this product!!

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    Originally, when I read the reviews on this product, I was apprehensive because everyone talked about the vivid/borderline hallucinogenic dreams. I started taking this product about a week ago and can honestly say that I have never had a better night’s sleep. I wake up feeling completely refreshed. According to my watch (which tracks my sleep) I have had significantly less restlessness. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who is having trouble coming down off evening workouts or simply is having trouble shutting their minds off. Kudos to Mansports for putting so much energy into such worthwhile products. I’m impressed every time I try something new and I can’t say that about many companies anymore.

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    I have a hard time sleeping through the night, and often wake up hours before my work alarm. With REM-PM, I have found I am not only sleeping through the night, I’m able to stay sleeping until my alarm! Wont go without it, especially when traveling!

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    I’ve battled hormone imbalance and sleep disruption for years. The first night I started this I slept pretty well. However, since the 2nd night, I’ve slept like a rock! I wake up rested and alert, regardless of how many hours I get! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! For me, the thermogenic is just a bonus effect 🙂

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    I’ve always been very ify about any supplement that stated it was a “fat burner” or “thermo”, but let me tell you this has worked for me! I usually struggle to go to bed but not with these. I wake up feeling refreshed, well rested. I definitely recommend!

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    It seems to work differently every night but I am sleeping better. On some nights I still wake up multiple times and am groggy in the morning. Dreams are extremely vivid now too.

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    This sleep aid helps to fall asleep. I’ve taken one pill to fall asleep, and within 30 minutes I’m fighting to stay awake. I’ve noticed that this will knock me out for 8-9 hours. However the issue I’ve had is where I’ve had very vivid dreams. Sometimes they’re weird, and sometimes they’re full fledged nightmares. This hasn’t happened every time I’ve taken the pill it’s been a 50/50 chance of vivid dreams or sleep with no dreams. However the dreams I’ve had, have kept me from continuing with the supplement.

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    I don’t get the same type of sleep every time I take this. Some nights it works awesome and I wake up quicker, and feeling refreshed. Other nights I toss and turn and come half awake throughout the nights. Also, it tends to make my dreams very vivid, and kind of weird. It worked really well after a tough workout; I wasn’t tight or sore the next morning. I’ve used it maybe ten times off and on for the past month. I’m going to try to be really consistent with it for the remainder of the bottle and we’ll see how it goes. I usually have a hard time getting up in the AM, but I wake up WAY easier when my alarm goes off when I use this. I will add that I threw a whole bunch of new stuff at my body when I first started taking this (ISO Aminos, L Carnatine, etc) so that may have something to do with it.

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    I only took 1 pill for the first night trying it. I felt restless and I was wide awake all night and I sleep pretty well normally. Not sure if I should try a night taking 2 pills or return this product.

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    Great sleep and controlled my late night cravings and earlier morning hunger. Plan to purchase many times over. Thank you Alex, Fallon and others for recommending this product on Snapchat.

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    It takes a lot for me to get any sleep from day to day stress. The Rem-Pm pill helps my body and mind relax into a deep sleep! I wake feeling like a million bucks!!!

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    F*ckin’ tremendous things here. I’m very glad to look your post. Thanks so much and i’m looking ahead to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

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    When I first tried R.E.M. PM I was a little scared to use it just because I didn’t know what it would do, but after I did, I was HOOKED! Best sleep ever and the BEST dreams! I take it every night! There is so many awesome things about it. 100% recommend.

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    For my brain that never shuts off this product is AMAZING! It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep and I don’t wake up feeling exhausted. They kick in very quickly and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!


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    Samples came in my order! Sleep so good!! I’m ordering a bottle today!! Thank you so much! and thank you to Fallon Taylor for all the help!! ❤️❤️❤️
    IG username is sassysteph71

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    Ordered this with Clean Protein & coffee creamer.. it is amazing! I got a sample that lasted me 2 days .. sleep like a baby!! Going to order a bottle today! Thank you so much! And thank you Fallon Taylor for all your help! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    My IG username is sassysteph71

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    I have suffered with insomnia since I was a child. I got a sample pack of REM-PM with my first order and I just kept pushing it to the side. My husband finally told me to try it the other day (going on 5 days straight where I couldn’t sleep more than a few minutes) because it had Melatonin. I can’t remember the last time I slept so good or woke up feeling human! I felt like I had sweat through the sheets, but my husband told me that was a good thing because it meant it was WORKING. I started working out in the afternoons in hopes I could exhaust myself to sleep, but it mainly just made me wake up feeling sore. I woke up not only rested, but I truly felt RECOVERED. I have already placed an order for a bottle!

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    Just completed my order for a second bottle. I had never heard of a fat burner while you slept until Ms. Fallon introduced me to this product. Could not be happier with this and all of the great tasting products and personal services of mansports. I recommend this to anyone that has a racing mind like mine once u hit the pillow, but now that I have added this to my plan (included with Scortch during the day) I have no problem falling asleep now. Not to mention that with this product included with my program, I have lost 18 lbs in a month. Recommend it!!!! A++++

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    I suffer from insomnia and nothing seemed to help then I Tried R.E.M. PM And WOW! 30 mins before bed and I had the best sleep ever! No tossing and turning and I don’t wake up groggy either! Thank you MAN Sports!!!

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    I have been dealing with Chronic pain for 3 years and recently was diagnosed with Chronic Insomina. The doctors have prescribed me a multitude of drugs which never helped me get the sleep I needed or even sleep earlier. My sleep pattern for months has been between 1am and 9am. Last night I tired ONE pill of R.E.M PM and about 30 min in I felt tired so I laid down in bed. While laying in bed I usually struggle and toss N turn dude to not beable to get comfortable or I will get sore from laying a certain way for too long.. NOT LAST NIGHT Oh My Dawd people.. I felt comfortable in my bed and I can’t remember the last time I felt this way.. I am happy to report I was sound asleep by 10:30 pm and awake by 6am I NEVER WOULD HAVE IMAGINED THIS POSSIBLE.. My dad who has to struggle with trying to get me up in the mornings couldn’t believe his eyes when I perked right up to greet him at 6am versus my usually sleepy argument which ends with me well.. still being a sleep.

    I see a bright future for me and the R.E.M pm pills if they keep helping me My family and I are nearly in tears and our diggers are crossed we found our golden ticket to finding me sleep ! Thanks ManSports for helping a Rodeo Athlete whom is also a Spoonie attack my goals!! Much Love for Mansports

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    I have a pretty high metabolism. This doesn’t mean I don’t gain weight! I would over eat at dinner time with the hopes of getting through the night without waking up starving and having to snack in order to go back to sleep. With R.E.M. PM, I can finally have a normal portioned dinner AND sleep through the night! And if I happen to get awoken during the night, I am not ravenously hungry and can easily return to sleep. No more night times snacking! I’m super excited and can’t wait for my extra pounds to be a thing of the past! R.E.M. PM is awesome stuff!!

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    LOVE this stuff! I’ve never had a very big issue with sleep – or so I thought. This stuff takes it to a new level! It makes me tired about 30 minutes after taking it and helps me get a higher quality of sleep once I’m out! My Fitbit tracks my sleep cycle and ever since I started taking this supplement, I’m seeing better sleep results! Highly recommend! I feel more refreshed in the morning as well! Permanent part of my Mansports stack!

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    I have a very hard time falling asleep at night and staying asleep. Before trying REM Pm I tossed and turned all night. After trying this product I noticed I fall asleep right away and stay sleeping. I also noticed that if I take one, about 6-7 hours later I’m up and ready for the day. I took one at 11 last night and 530 I was up! Keep in mind I am not an early riser. but I love it! Its great! Working at a bar and getting home late, it really helps to slow my brain down and fall asleep easily! Its seriously my go to!

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    I would like to state that my previous review would not let me finish the title or give it five stars but it is very much so a Five star product! Give it a spin -you won’t regret it.

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    So this is just going to be a very blunt opinion of this product and an opinion that has been formed over a good amount of time- I wanted to truly test the product. I have been using MAN Sports for a little while now(about 8 months) whether it’s purchasing directly from the website or the Vitamin Shoppe. I really love and use many of their products on a daily basis but I had to think long and hard about trying their REM-PM because I have suffered from clinically diagnosed Chronic Insomnia for about 6 years now and was trying to decide if dropping more money on a sleep aid would be worth it since I’ve tried just about every kind you could think of (despite my love for other mansports products). I’m glad I did it and really wish I would have done it sooner because it has made all the difference for me in the past few months. It’s non habit forming – has a clean ingredient list,and as long as you take it properly you wont wake up with that drowsy feeling like most sleep aids- I wake up well rested even if I did not get as much sleep as I should have- and when I fall asleep on REM-PM -I sleep sound through-out the night. The thermogenic side of REM-PM is just an awesome bonus. This product is for sure a game changer for me and so worth every penny. You will not be disappointed.

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    My days start at 5am and usually dont end till about 11 when i can finally relax; i generally have trouble sleeping and melatonin doesn’t really have any impact on me. When a buddy asked me to give PM a try i was a bit skeptical but after just 2 days i seem to be experiencing deeper REM sleep cycles and feeling energized and not groggy in the morning! Not to the mention the subtle thermogenic properties of the product provide a warming sensation that is controlled and calming as you lay down to rest! I give this product an A+ hands down!

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    I got the sample pack and tried this 2 nights in a row. I felt more refreshed when I woke up. I also slept through the whole night as well, no tossing or turning. I can’t wait to get my shipment in!!

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    I’m the type of person whose brain never stops. Waking up in the middle of the night afraid I had forgotten something was a normal nightly occurrence. I’ve tried other sleep aids, but always woke up feeling cloudy or with a headache. I don’t get that feeling at all with R.E.M. I wake up clear. Since starting on R.E.M. I have added a morning cardio before leaving for work at 6am. I have also been more focused during the day and able to complete training curriculum for an additional aviation class I’m going to teach. It’s amazing what you can do with a good nights sleep!

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    First tried it through my muscle crate monthly box. since i am a crossfit athlete and emphasize as much as possible in my recovery due to 2 sessions per day, am and pm, this product helped me feel the rem sleep and recover faster. after a hard pm workout next morning i wake up powerfull go and train as hard as possbile without even no sore! thats amazing!

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    I have always had a tough time falling asleep and staying asleep, but that is a problem of the past since REM-PM. I fall asleep quickly and rarely wake up during the night. I also used to wake up so hungry it was almost painful, now I can actually wake up and do my daily hygiene before making breakfast. 5/5, will buy again.

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    I absolutely love REM PM!! Since I have added this to my stack I have noticed that I have more energy in the mornings because I’m getting amazing sleep. I thought I slept good, until I tried this product! Now I know I get a good nights sleep every night. That helps my body recover from a long day of work plus working out and taking care of a family. And I’m never groggy or cranky from not having good enough sleep! Kateeberspecher

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    I actually got a sample in my package & didn’t use it the first two nights but when I finally took it I had the deepest sleep, but woke up feeling energized and ready to go! Haven’t forgotten to take it since that day! Buy this product because who wouldn’t want a good nights rest and a energetic start to your day?!

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    I typically have to workout at the end of the day. Forcing me to take my preworkout at about 6pm. This product is by far the best when it comes to me still getting to sleep around 9-10pm. I have tried many sleeping aids and my go to was melatonin for awhile but this product blows all the other competition up.

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    I work nights so my sleep schedule is all over the place. This product has helped me to get good sleep when I can get it, no matter what time of the day it is. I also don’t feel groggy when I wake up even if I only sleep for a couple of hours.

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    I work nights so my sleep schedule is all over the place. This product has helped me to get good sleep when I can no matter the time of day. I also don’t ever feel groggy when I wake up even if I only sleep for a couple of hours.

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    Honestly started using this during prep for my last show and loved it.It had me asleep in less than 30 minutes and helped me sleep great. I still use it today and love that it comes in 60 pill bottles, I only need one ans my girlfriend takes one as well. One bottle gets us both through the month and that saves $$. The only problem I had with it was being groggy if I didnt get at least 6 hours of sleep. So I just dont take it on nights I know I wont get much sleep.

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    I work nights so my sleep schedule is all over the place. This product has helped me to get good sleep when I can no matter the time of day. I also don’t ever feel groggy when I wake up even if I only sleep for a couple of hours.

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    This supplement is great, I actually slept the whole night through without waking up or tossing and turning. The nice part was I could actually function the next day instead of feeling hungover, like other products have caused.

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    I’ve been working nights since the winter and now that’s summer, my sleep schedule is all over the place. This product has helped me to get good sleep when I can get it, no matter what time of the day it is. I also don’t feel groggy when I wake up even if I only sleep for a couple of hours.

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    I take REM PM 30 minutes before bed and I sleep like a baby! I wake up rested and ready to workout. Love the fact that this helps cortisol levels and is a thermogenic.

  45. :

    I have been taking this for a month now and have noticed I fall asleep faster and sleep better. I have more energy during the day. I absolutely love this product and would highly recommend it.

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    REM-PM is an awesome product. I’ve taken numerous speed aids, some didn’t work at all other left me groggy every day. REM-PM is the ONLY one that worked and didn’t leave me groggy the next day. Even going from months of 2-4 hours of sleep to 8 hours with REM-PM.

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    Solid sleep aid. Really helped me stay asleep instead of waking 2+ times in a night. I normally sweat profusely with thermogenics, (and obviously didn’t want to sweat in my sleep) but sponsored athletes Caitlin and Madison both reassured me that I wouldn’t wake up in a pool of sweat, and they were right!
    I found I had the best results if I took them before bed, after a high carb meal…if I was depleted before bed, I woke up kind of anxious, and no appetite, which didn’t set me up very well…usually a good snack or isocarb a couple of hours before bed gives the thermogenic something to work with, and I feel great the next morning.

  48. :

    I love this product, I stack it with Lean Ph.D. I wake up feeling amazing. I’ve been using it for about 1 month. I am on the road alot for work and have been feeling really worn down and using this has made me feel so much better in the morning, I can tell that I have been getting a more restful sleep. I have more energy to workout and I am really bust out my workouts. While using this product I have gotten leaner and I can visibly see more muscle definition.

  49. :

    I tried this as an addition to Lean PhD during the day. What I found was that the way it helped my sleep was even better than any thermogenic effect, even though it’s played a part in taking 4 inches off my waist thus far. I use a Jawbone Up to track daytime activity and my sleep. While not exactly scientific, it does give me trends and Rem PM is an easy one to see. Off of it, I average 45 min to an hour of rem sleep & 1.5 hours of deep sleep. On it, 2.5 hours of Rem and 2.5 hours of deep sleep. I always wake up refreshed, restored and ready to crush the day. That, to me, is way, way, way better than any of the thermogenic effects!

  50. :

    I haven’t been using this product for very by I’ve already noticed that I’m starting to lean up! I’ve had trouble leaning up with a good diet and cardio but this helped give me that little push I needed to start shredding some water weight. I would recommend this product to all my friends(:

  51. :

    I have used ReM a few times now and have never had a better night’s sleep. I highly recommend!

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    I have been taking this for about a month now. I typically have issues falling asleep but definitely notice a difference when taking this product. Would deff suggest it to others

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    I used to wake up at multiple times at night and wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. Since I started taking this, I sleep all through the night and I NEVER wake up groggy like with other sleep aids. I also could tell a major difference with my recovery time after the gym. I didn’t feel as sore and it enhanced my results along with scorch. This is a definite must have!! I LOVE IT!!!!

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    So I took a fool cycle of REM PM a few months ago and I can deffintly see the difference. The first night I took the recommended dose and I didn’t really see a difference. But as I stepped it up and took two a night I felt so refreshed and refueled that next morning. Sleep is so important for me being a full time student and working a full time job while being a full time GAINZ MAKER… 10 outa 10 would recommend to anyone that wants to get a great night sleep and to feel refueled the next day!

  55. :

    I have been taking this product for almost three months now and I couldn’t imagine not taking it. My sleep is better, I wake up in a good mood , refreshed and ready for the day. Before taking this I could not sleep! I would try everything. With training in the gym for competition as hard as I do, sleep is so important.

  56. :

    Sweet dreams are made a itch these. I’ve never slept better and had amazing energy in the mornings. I can tell when I forget to take them at night as I’m sluggish all day.

  57. :

    Took me about a week to get use to this product but once I got use to it, I was sleeping through the night, waking up ready to go and hit the gym. Before I was a very light sleeper and wake up at the slightest noise or movement multiple times through the night. I’m actually getting quality sleep and waking up refreshed. Highly recommend REM-PM.

  58. :

    I have been taking this product for a good two months now and I have noticed better sleep quality with not waking up during the night. Also it has helped with my performance in the gym with helping me to recover faster than I have been in the past. I will continue this product and would suggest it to any one looking for optimal sleep and recovery. @Mckiniont

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    I have struggled with restless nights for awhile, and this puts me to sleep within 30 minutes and keeps me there until morning with no drowsiness upon waking.

  60. :

    I was skeptical about buying REM PM.. in Canada costs a lot more and shipping.. but I don’t even care I have trouble sleeping and falling asleep.. for the last month I sleep great I don’t need naps during the day anymore. I highly suggest this to anyone. REMPM is a way better alternative to taking awful sleeping pills & having them not work. MAN sports saved me, and my rodeo Career! I can make the long trips and sleep great while on the road!!

  61. :

    I am very pleased with this product. I was skeptic about using any product of this type due to past experiences. I honestly fall asleep, rest well and wake up without the usual sleep aid brain fog. Highly recommend!

  62. :

    At first I was a bit skeptical about taking this product because I don’t normally take thermogenics, but I soon realized how great it is. Not only does it help put me to sleep in 15 minutes, but I wake up feeling leaner than ever. I also don’t wake up groggy and have had some of my best sleeps using this product. REMPM truly is an awesome sleep aid and thermogenic. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to cut fat and get a good nights rest! 10/10 MAN sports!!

  63. :

    I used to be someone who thought they slept good, (that is when I was in that part of my roller coaster of sleeping habits.) A few weeks of “good sleep followed by a few weeks of no sleep.
    I started taking R.E.M.-PM in the mix of my no sleep coaster ride, all I can say is I wish I would have found this stuff sooner!! I sleep every night now, wake up feeling great and alert! I feel like I got a good nights rest and ready for the day.
    This is my favorite man sports product so far!!!

  64. :

    I use to envy my boyfriend for how fast he could fall asleep, ever since I started this product I sleep more sound than I ever have before. Couldn’t imagine if I never found this product! Love it so much!!

  65. :

    This stuff is kind of awesome. I ordered samples originally because I wasn’t positive it would work for me. I have super anxiety and OCD so I hardly ever go to sleep right away. I noticed the first pill that after 30 minutes I was drowsy and ready for bed. They work great. I will warn, if you’re a dreamer, these will definitely kick it into overdrive. I have crazy, vivid dreams but other than that no other issues. Wake up feeling super.

  66. :

    Man I’m trying to bodybuild so anything helps if I can get these for free and give my unbiased review about them that would be fucking awesome Your amino creamo is fucking dope though first of its kind till bpi came out with there Keto stuff

  67. :

    I have always had a problem with falling asleep and getting good quality sleep! I have been through the troubles of having multiple sleep studies and all doctors want to do is prescribe me another prescription medication to put me into a comatose sleep stage that leaves me feeling groggy and worthless come morning time!! I have tried EVERYTHING and this product is where it’s at!! Seriously I can’t rave about it enough! I haven’t struggled with insomnia since starting to take it and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the day may throw my way! I am a huge fan of all the MAN sports products I use but this has to be my ALL TIME favorite! I think I would die if this product ever became unavailable!


  68. :

    I honestly do not have issues sleeping or falling asleep. Nor do I ever wake up at night. I STILL noticed a difference. I sleep so hard and I fall asleep very quickly. I do feel more rested and ready to take on the day. I do highly recommend this product. Even I noticed a difference without any sleep issues. I’ve been taking R.E.M. PM now for 3 months.

  69. :

    Really great for muscle recovery, sleep AND it burns fat during night time. I’ve used REM PM during prep and it helped my sleep tremendously when I had a busy work schedule. Also it had helped with dropping body fat. I recommend this product.

  70. :

    I have used this supplement when I was on prep for my first bikini show and it has tremendously helped with my sleep as well as burning fat during night time. Definitely recommend this if you are struggling with sleep during prep.

  71. :

    I tried REM-PM or the first time last night and absolutely loved it. Got the best sleep I’ve gotten in weeks. Woke up rested and can’t wait to start seeing the results!

  72. :

    I have been using REMPM for about two months. I can tell I am calmer at night once consumed. Sometimes I get restless.

  73. :

    This product was awsome!! I just had the sample pack and loved how deep I slept. I don’t usually get a restful night sleep and every other sleeping aid I’ve tried I sleep so hard that I end up having vivid nightmares. Not the case with REMPM! Seriously woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day. Also, I took my samples during finals week!!! I’m defienetly blaming these pills for helping my cram sessions stick! Thanks for my passing grades, I give y’all one back in return! A+

  74. :

    Works awesome! I use to toss and turn all night, but taking this I go to sleep fast, and stay asleep! And when I wake up, I actually have energy! Love it.

  75. :

    Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and the best part is you wake up energized instead of still being tired. Also doesn’t lose potency like other products. Worked just as good on day one as it did on day 30!

  76. :

    I actually got this for my husband who suffers from insomnia. We have tried EVERYTHING. When I say everything, I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Most products would help get him to sleep but would never KEEP him asleep. Within 3 days of using this product, he has actually had successful, full, solid nights sleep. It doesn’t make him feel groggy in the morning, and he actually feels rested when he wakes up. I can say this has definitely worked for him, and actually for me too since now he doesn’t disturb my sleep! Thanks ManSports for creating this supplement to help my husband!

  77. :

    I will use R.E.M. PM for the rest of forever!! I love how quickly I fall asleep and how well I stay asleep! On nights that I don’t take it I find myself waking up groggy and I don’t sleep as well. This is the most amazing product!!!

  78. :

    Love this product. I can sleep all through the night! Before I would wake up every hour if I went to bed early or if I was restless. Now I actually sleep and wake up well rested. It makes it easier to wake up and work out in the morning. Before using this product I am not sure how I functioned through the day, but now I am able to take on anything. Thank you MAN Sports for helping me take back my life!

    Oh did I mention it burns fat too? Well it does and man have I noticed a difference all over my body where the fat is melting away. This totally helps(along with their other products) with getting results faster and showing that my hard work is really paying off.

  79. :

    This stuff is AMAZING! I’ve been using it for the past week. I’ve been able to get very good quality sleep and wake up well rested. I used to toss and turn, have a hard time falling asleep, waking up throughout the night. Within 15 mins or so after taking this I am out for the night. I don’t feel groggy when I wake up at all. I love this product and will continue to use it.

  80. :

    I have always had a hard time getting enough sleep or a good quality of sleep. I couldn’t go to bed early even if I was dog tired because I would wake up every hour all night long. Since using REM-PM I sleep all through the night and wake up refreshed. I love this product because not only does it help me sleep but helps burn fat. I have noticed a huge difference in my overall health and fitness journey. Love this product and love this company. Thanks MAN Sports!

  81. :

    I have always had such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep and I was dependent on taking melatonin every night to hopefully get some sleep. It would only help a bit out. I have always heard great things about valerian root extract and how it helps you stay asleep throughout the night. I researched a lot of the ingredients included in the REM-PM and it all sounded too good to be true but I absolutely loved it when I tried it. It has helped me wake up feeling like I’m refreshed instead of groggy and I actually do not get muscle aches and soreness from previous lifts like I was. Leg day isn’t as unbearable as it once was! lol I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t and are interested!

  82. :

    I have always had a hard time sleeping through the night. Couldn’t go to bed to early because I would wake up all the time. Now it doesn’t matter what time I go to bed because I know I will sleep all through the night. This product has changed my life for the better.

    Plus it helps burn fat! What?! I have seen a difference in not only how well I sleep but how I look thanks to MAN Sports.

  83. :

    I LOVE R.E.M PM! Honestly one of my favorite products by MAN. I’m not sure about the fat loss claim, but I can say the sleep aid definitely works! I have a stressful job and a hard time falling asleep at night due to racing thoughts. Taking just one of these bad boys sends me off to dreamland in no time. I wake up refreshed, not groggy. Follow this up in the morning with some Game Day for my 5 am workouts, and I am good to good!

  84. :

    I would definitely recommend this product to other people. Typically when I take something for sleep, I wake up drowsy and restless. Not with REMPM. With REMPM I wake up feeling great!

  85. :

    I tried REM PM for the first time about last month or so, middle of the month. Since then, I can HONESTLY say this is one of the best thing’s I’ve gotten from the MANSports Brand. I’m a skeptic. Got a sample in the mail first, (I figured $40 was too much to spend on something I had no idea would work) then after only 4/5 days of using it I HAD TO BUY IT. Now using REM PM I fall asleep fast, and when I fall asleep, I stay asleep. Before REM PM I would lay there trying to fall asleep for a while. I wake up around 6 every morning and usually don’t end up going to bed until about 10-11ish every night and I ALWAYS wake up feeling ready to go, before I started taking this I would press snooze ten times in a row and end up heading to work with a head full of dry shampoo because I slept in too long. AM I RIGHT LADIES. REM PM changed my sleep quality, and it’s changed my life! I usually only have to take one pill every other day, it’s pretty powerful stuff!! I’m not a body builder, or a bikini body competitor, just a regular ole’ gal “Up in the gym, workin’ on my fitness” as Fergie would say. Shoot I’m not even sponsored by MANsports, but I LOVE THEM.

    I love this product and recommend everyone that asks to get it!! You won’t regret it!! Sleep is an integral part of being a functioning member of society and conquering everything you need to get done for the day, PUT THIS IN YOUR CART RIGHT NOW!!!

  86. :

    I’m often skeptical of weight loss supplements but have to loose weight for competition so I thought I’d give it s try. This stuff is as legit as it gets, and that’s what I’ve come to expect from MAN sports. This stuff has helped me shave off extra pounds when I needed it most.

  87. :

    Ever Since I Started Taking REM PM I Have Legit Had The Most Restful Nights Of Sleep Ever! I First Got Them As A Sample Then Bought An Entire Bottle Just After One Sample! You Will Not Regret Getting This. It’s Like NyQuil Without The Side Effects

  88. :

    I originally ordered for myself to help with sleeping. My fiance suffers from anxiety and has a hard time sleeping. This helps him sleep through the night without waking up and neither of us feel groggy in the morning! Wonderful product.

  89. :

    Lol I think I forgot to add my stars on my review, I would give it 10 if I could!!

  90. :

    I started using these last fall and I continue to buy them along with CLA Powder and ISO Aminos and I absolutely LOVE THEM! Usually I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep but since taking these regularly, ive seen improvements in my body and sleep 10x better!!!! For sure reccomend to everyone who asks me about my experience with Mansports products!

  91. :

    I have a super busy lifestyle and getting proper rest has always been my biggest enemy. I would try different teas and other vitamins and herbs but everything I would try would make me feel groggy the next day. I decided to give REMPM a try and I feel AMAZING on this stuff! No matter how late I go to bed, I take this and I am able to get that deep sleep rest my body needs. I wake up the next day feeling refreshed every single time!! I tried to see the difference when I dont take it and man, there is a HUGE difference. I LOVE REMPM and I am beyond happy with my decision on giving it a try!!

  92. :

    Prior to using Rem, I always had trouble staying asleep or would constantly wake up “on the wrong side of the bed” which would put me in a bad mood the rest of the day. When I first visited this site I saw that they had a sleep aide that was more natural and had more than just good sleep as a benefit, so I thought what the heck. I have been on the Rem-PM for two months now and I have never felt better. I sleep through the night like a baby, but when I wake up I feel energetic and alert. I do not crave midday naps and the best thing is that if for some reason I do not take it (which I did on purpose to test it) I do not have REM catch up the next night. This product does not ruin my rem cycle it simply gives it a good nudge in the right direction. Best product I think I could have ever found!

  93. :

    My schedule is CRAZY busy…like scheduled down to the minute all week long! I have never been a morning person even though I had to be up; previous roommates referred to me as “The Troll” in the mornings. Since I have been taking REM PM I wake up feeling so refreshed. I don’t remember a time I have felt ready to get up and go right when my alarm goes off, now I do!! I don’t wake up periodically throughout the night and I fall asleep with no problems! REM PM is a game changer! Get on it!

  94. :

    This stuff is amazing, I’ve suffered from insomnia since a surgery 4 years ago, and this is the 1st thing that doesn’t leave me feeling like I have a hangover the next morning. It kicks in super fast, and work- the thermogentic is obviously an added bonus. Love this product it’s been a life saver.

  95. :

    These are amazing little gems. I’ve always slept just OK. It would take me a long time to fall asleep and I would wake up a couple times a night. The very first night I took one of these I slept so hard I couldn’t believe it was morning already when I woke up. After I take it, I can feel myself get sleepy with in 30 minutes. I actually look forward to taking my nightly REM PM because I know I’ll sleep great.

  96. :

    This stuff is seriously great. It helps me get a good night sleep and wake up actually feeling rested. I’m also seeing good results physically, combined with diet changes and exercise. Love this product!!

  97. :

    This is probably my favorite man sport product just because it keeps me asleep all night long and I always wake up refreshed! I used to hardly ever stay asleep during the night, but I have no problems doing so now that I use this!

  98. :

    Normally I have a hard time falling asleep with a busy mind but not with RemPM. Product works quickly and I get a full nights sleep!

  99. :

    AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! I am not the best sleeper in the world and this has helped me tremendously. I am constantly going, chasing around my 19 month old daughter, and doing everything in between. Even at the end of the day, it is still hard for me to wind down and relax. When I know that it should be bedtime, I take one of these golden gems and I am asleep in no time. This is seriously a life saver. A literal miracle in a bottle. I fall asleep so fast and actually get a great night’s sleep. I also love that I don’t wake up groggy and I am ready for the day. Get a great sleep AND burn fat at the same time? Yes please!

  100. :

    I was taking a sleeping aid before REM-PM, I do not have to take my sleep aid on nights that I take REM-PM. I fall asleep fast and stay asleep. I have noticed I get more hot at night, which I feel is a good thing. It means its heating me up to burn fat while I sleep. 5/5 and I’m about to order my next bottle!

  101. :

    I am so in love with this product! I can’t go one night without it. I’ve always been a night owl and with being a new mom the most sleep I can get, the better! I feel that I get more restful sleep when I use this product and I don’t wake up feeling groggy. And BONUS! It helps burn fat while you sleep! Highly recommend.
    IG: @Breannatroyer

  102. :

    I love this product before I started using this I would wake up during the night and didn’t sleep well. After I started taking I don’t wake up as much during the night. It happens very rarely. It also doesn’t leave you sluggish when you wake up. That is always a bonus.

  103. :

    I love this product! Since I have started taking it at night I don’t wake up during the night like I use too. The nights I forget to take it I wake up two to three times a night. I never wake up feeling sluggish after it either. Always read to go and start my day.

  104. :

    I love this product. Most sleep meds have me waking up feeling groggy or don’t help me go and stay asleep. This product does the complete opposite, it puts me asleep and keeps me asleep all through the night and I wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready to go to take on the work day

  105. :

    I have been using REM-PM for the last 2 months and I must say this is the best night time Thermogenic I’ve ever taken. Other brands do not compete at all. Not only does it help with fat loss while I sleep it also helps me go to sleep a lot quicker thanks to the Melatonin added im out with in 30 minutes sleeping peacefully through the night. I will continue to buy this from here on out!!! Team_UR_Fitness

  106. :

    absolutely love this product! i typically have the worst sleeping habits ever. have the hardest time falling asleep & them wake up constantly. R.E.M. PM has changed my life! i sleep so good now & feel good waking up! this was the first product i tried from mansports & i was hooked!

  107. :

    I am hooked. I sleep so much better and wake up feeling rested. Like the other review with in 30 mins I am out and sleeping like a baby. I have noticed I am waking up feeling more refreshed and well rested. I will definitely be ordering more when I am running low.

  108. :

    I don’t know how I ever survived without this product!!! I wake up feeling so much better and never groggy. Plus I sleep ALL night long! I highly recommend for anybody!!!

  109. :

    I have always been a warm person and slerp is another issue i have. But this product helped me sleep and i didnt get to warm. I also woke up morr awake than normal. I love it.

  110. :

    I do not sleep, and when I do it isn’t sound sleep. I get up in the middle of the night, wander around, contemplate quantum physics, choreograph fight scenes, etc.. I have been this way for over 30 years and I have tried a lot of different remedies. I decided to try REM PM, and the bottles were sold out! Determined, I purchased several of the sample packets, and I am glad that I did! The very first night I was able to get a restful sleep, had zero problems waking up and felt no weird side effects (other than feeling rested and ready for the day). I love it and I highly recommend it!

  111. :

    This product is very good at what it says. ManSports has a reputation building that their products do exactly what they say they do. This is no different. I feel like I get better sleep using this as well as continuing to crush my fat loss goals. Would definitely recommend!

  112. :

    I decided to order 10 samples of R.E.M. Sleep after following Fallon Taylor and Jessie Harmen’s fitness journey! I read that they help with REM sleep and help Eith burning fat during the night. I truly LOVE these capsules! I was not only sleeping better, but I was not near as sore after my workouts! I DEFINITELY recommend this product and if you’re skeptical order the samples first!!

  113. :

    My title says it all! I’ve gotten a lot of good sleep and woken up recharged. That 30 minute before bed time is strongly advised!

  114. :

    I work late nights and always need help fallin asleep and getting RESTFUL sleep . I take one as soon as I get home and with in 30 minutes I’m out like a light and no wakin up or tosssing and turning !!!! When I wake up I feel refreshed !!

  115. :

    This supp works wonders! Literally have taken a monster at 6 and then I can still go to bed at ten if I take this an hour before. Knocks you out and you wake up rested. Does exactly what it says

  116. :

    Amazing product!! I just take one before bed and I’m out within a half hour! I wake up felling rested and ready for the day!!

  117. :

    First and foremost I have trouble sleeping. Not falling asleep but staying asleep. I typically get 4-5 hours a night at most. So when I saw this product I decided to give it a try. I have recently completed my first bottle of REM PM. They are great at aiding me in getting me well rested and helping me fall asleep. I take them about 1 hour before bed sometimes it’s closer to 40minutes but I begin to start feeling relaxed within 30minutes of taking them. As for the fat burning properties I can not vouch for them. But I can testify that they helped me no end in getting to sleep and actually having a well rested nights sleep. I took one at first and didn’t feel all that relaxed so after 3 days of tryin one a day I jumped to two a day and the comparison is Night and day. If you are like me jump straight into two a day. The first time you may feel a little groggy / hazy but after that you’ll be great. Well rested and ready to tackle the day.

  118. :

    5 strars aren’t enough, I’m finally sleeping at night, hasn’t happened in years. Love man sports. ❤❤

  119. :

    I have only been using this for a couple weeks, but really liking it. I get up super early to workout so every minute of sleep counts. MAN sports product always deliver!

  120. :

    This product is working really good so far. I don’t get many hours of sleep since I workout really early so every minute counts. Man sports products have always given great results and this one doesn’t disappoint.

  121. :

    Taking them for a week now been sleeping well with them and waking up fresh and flat would recommend.

  122. :

    Easiest part of my weight-loss regime and extremely helpful. My previous sleep aid left me groggy and exhausted; I started with the sample pack and once I started seeing results I jumped in with both feet! No sleepiness in the morning, easy to go back to sleep during the night (when my dogs are being jerks), and helps me spring out of bed in the morning. Of course the fat loss is also a plus! Looking leaner everyday!

  123. :

    In a nutshell… I have tried many many different products claiming to do things and simply do not.

    This product works! It is just that simple. It does just as it claims and doesn’t make you groggy when you wake up or give you an upset stomach throughout the night.

    I recommend this product to anyone who is considering purchasing.

    ManSports is my go-to for ALL supps! Just added this to the arsenal!

    Thank You!!!


  124. :

    Product is amazing I used to have to take medication to help sleep this helps get a more restful sleep with all natural products and burns fat after my nightly work out. Best ever. Need to order!!!

  125. :

    With REM-PM, I have never had a better nights sleep! I started using this product a few weeks ago and sleep so well and wake up refreshed. I have a sensitive system that most thermogenics do not agree with, but this product has not given me any problems. I would recommend this product to most people!

  126. :

    I’ve been using this for about two weeks. It doesn’t make me feel groggy when I wake up in the morning whether I get 5hrs of sleep or 8. I am not restless and feel refreshed in the morning! This stuff is awesome!

  127. :

    I had used Z-Core PM by MusclePharm & was suggested I use REM-PM as an alternative. I was not disappointed. It not only helps me fall asleep but helps me stay asleep & not feel groggy when I wake up.

  128. :

    I was so excited to see REM PM samples in my recent orders, so I could not wait to try them. I used one capsule per night. I took them about a half hour before my normal sleep time. Each night it was the best sleep I have had in awhile. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and re-position myself, but I slept straight through the night. Normally on weekends I sleep in and feel groggy most of the day, but with the REM PM I woke incredibly awake, alert, and energized. This is absolutely the right product for someone who is working hard and wants the adequate and purposeful rest for their body to recover.

  129. :

    My boyfriend and I both used this product and absolutely loved it! It actually helped us both sleep and get complete and full rest. We also dropped weight in the morning too which proves that this product works amazing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  130. :

    I wear a Fitbit that keeps track of my sleep and this product has really helped me get a deeper more productive sleep! And you wake up feeling great! Love this product!!!

  131. :

    I have been taking REM-PM for a few weeks now and I love it. When I take it, I notice that I have a much deeper sleep and I actually dream at night. My workout recovery has been much better with less soreness. I don’t wake up tired and I stay asleep. I also take the Lean PHD in the mornings which is amazing for energy and focus. The two together have me on a whole new level.

  132. :

    REM PM lets me get deep sleep like never before! I can definitely tell a difference when I take it. They only thing I have noticed is that I almost always dream when I have taken it and the dreams are WEIRD! This isn’t normal for me, but its not a big deal compared to the quality of sleep that I get.

  133. :

    I’m on my last few pills of my first bottle and I LOVE this stuff! I fall asleep much easier and actually stay asleep through the night, which is a big deal for me! Will definitely continue to repurchase.

  134. :

    I am a warm person and i thought it was gonna not let me sleep but to my surprise it worked fantastic and i was able to get a good nights rest.

  135. :

    When I’m on night shift I take one pill so I can sleep through the afternoon and stay up till I fall asleep the next day. I love rem pm and I’ll continue to use it

  136. :

    I am the type of person that is always warm. And i dont sleep all that good most of the tine. But to my surprise i was able to get a good nights rest with this product.i would recommend it to just about anyone. I loved the feeling and when i woke up i felt well rested.

  137. :

    AMAZING! I have been taking for a couple of weeks now. My nights of restless sleep are very limited now, I also wake up before my alarm goes feeling energized and refreshed.

  138. :

    I just love the Rem-PM. My bf teased me that I have insomnia, staying awake til the wee hours of the morning. Now, after 30mins of taking Rem-PM, I am out, and sleep through the night! I can not, and will not, live without it!

  139. :

    I am a night owl, I was always up to 3 and had to get up at 7. I just love REM-PM. it doesn’t make you groggy the next morning, like other products do. I still don’t go to sleep right away, but its been getting better. Love waking up feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep.

  140. :

    This product is amazing! It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep without any drowsiness in the morning. The fat burning and muscle recovery aspects don’t hurt either. The customer service is also great. I love trying the samples they send with orders.

  141. :

    I love how quick it kicks in, and I get a better deeper sleep than i ever could. Others would work for like 2 weeks and i would wake up, but Rem Pm keeps me asleep so I’m refreshed and ready to roll for the next day.

  142. :

    I got this for my husband and I. We LOVE it! Kicks in really fast. We both wake up feeling refreshed and ready for our day. Thank you Man Sports for this great product!

  143. :

    I got these for my husband and I. We have been using them a couple nights now and LOVE them!! They work great! Kick in really fast. We both haven’t slept this good in a long time! We wake up refreshed and ready for our day. Thank you Man Sports for the great product!

  144. :

    This product is awesome, I always sleep really good when I take these and wake up refreshed the next day. They kick in pretty quick too.

  145. :

    I have always had problems sleeping . I started taking this and I get a good nights sleep. It does not make you feel groggy the next day. I definitely recommend this product.

  146. :

    I got these capsules because I seen a Fallon and Jessie Harmen using them. I read that they help is REM sleep and help with fat loss during the night. Once I started taking these I immediately saw a difference. I was not only sleeping better, but I was recovering faster from my workouts and wasn’t as sore in the mornings. I definitely recommend!

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