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GutJoy - 30 Servings
Helena Baker
Good product

Been using Gut Joy for a while now and have noticed a big difference in my menstrual. I’m not bloating no headaches I’m not exhausted all the time and no cramping. My energy level is where it’s at when I’m not having my menstrual. Definitely a win for this lady!

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Humaid Alzaabi

I like it

ISO-Protein - 20 Servings
Shannon F. Vaughan

It tastes soooo good!! Mix it with Oikos greek yogurt and Fairlife protein shake and it tastes like a milk shake!!

Good buy

Great product. Tastes good dissolves well. Gives a good boost of energy.

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Kristi Gore

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REM-PM- 60 Caps
Sabrina Reed
Love these.

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping especially when I work out late, these help me go to sleep and I sleep well after. I do not like taking sleeping meds but these seem to be ahealthier option

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

The Good:
It will get you where you want to go. If you are looking for a good pre workout then this one it. Packs a lot of energy without making you jittery, and doesn’t have that instant post caffeine crash.
The Bad:
I have tried other flavors of this and they were okay. With that being said the Gummy Bears flavor is by far one of the worst things I have ever tasted in my life. I honestly cringe and loathe taking this flavor. It is so overly sweet it is almost sickening. To be fair though it taste exactly like advertised. It taste like a bag of Gummy Bears that have been left in a hot car and just became one giant glob of mess. The sweet taste does not offset the other ingredients either.
The Ugly:
Okay so I honestly added this section to keep with the theme. I don’t particularly care what my pre workout looks like if it taste good. This however looks just how I described it above. That is a melted bag of gummy mess. It is brownish and mud colored which does not help it’s cause.
The Game Day Nootropic is a very potent pre workout that will get you where you want to go with your workout. I do not however recommend the Gummy Bear flavor unless you have no taste buds and an iron stomach.

ISO-AMINO - 30 Serv. (5% OFF)

ISO-Protein - 20 Servings
Bonnie Stephens
Smooth and tasty

I LOVE your products…. Been purchasing them sing 2017 after going to one of Fallon’s clinics. Every flavor of iso aminos and iso protein is great!


tastes very good

I love it!

It gives me the energy I need on rough days to keep going.

Better than most

By far the best BCAAs I ever had. Usually, Bcaas taste like shit... This brand is not only bearable but pretty nice.

Member and affiliate

Great product

Flame T-Shirt
Michael Partlow

I love it , I purchased several things that day and got an MS black T-shirt free in the purchase. I love that one too . They feel soft fit great , etc .

Will Godwin

This is my second week that I have been taking PR-XT and so far I’ve seen quite a bit of progress!! Builds strong, lean muscle!!! Highly recommend 💪

Vibrance – 60 Caps
Amber Matchy

I’m on my 2nd bottle, and I’m really happy with the results. It’s been a great addition to my diet and exercise program. I’m finally starting to lose a bit of weight and build muscle!

PROPF3 - 120 Caps
Vic castillo

Greta results in little time with the constant work


Awesome product, great source of energy and a fantastic pump

Peach Ring!!!

This is my all time favorite flavor EAA I’ve ever had. Tastes amazing, mixes perfectly and does exactly what you need it to. MAN Sports for the win on this one!

Be cautious of DHEA pro-hormone derivative

Will produce some nice lean gains, but educate yourself on the side effects of DHEA and it’s derivatives. Can be very harmful to cardiovascular, liver, and kidney health.

Vasojet - 120 Caps
Evany Marquez
So effective!!!

Nitric oxide stimulant was recommended from a bodybuilder friend of mine who said it was great but I didn’t really know much about it. After he recommended it I did some research online and decided to try out the Mansports vaso jet so I ordered and it’s great. I take 3 pills 20 minutes before the gym then once i’m actually at the gym I take the other three, it’s great!!


I drink this every morning to start my day.

Pump Powder - 30 Servings
Donivyn Zanders
Pumped up!

Really love the pump formula. Pairs great with the game day, crazy juicy pumps at the midpoint and was full all day.

I love it

I work a 9ht shift and it kept me energized I love it


Best tasting protein powder, and excellent quality!