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Why choose whey protein isolate? 

Over the years whey protein isolate has exploded into the top spot for powdered protein products.

 There’s a number of reasons why. There’s arguments on both sides as to the superiority of protein sources like isolate, concentrate, casein, goat whey, plant based, etc. … ultimately coming down to typically just personal preference.

If you’re vegan, use plant based.

On a budget? Concentrate might be your choice.

Have a hard time with digestion?

Isolate tends to be easier on the guts.With that being said, they all serve a purpose and have their positives and sometimes negatives.

Here’s why I prefer isolate and maybe you will too.

As someone that has been in the gym for nearly my whole adult life, competed in sports and even dabbled in some bodybuilding, I want a quality protein source. Whey protein isolate is 90% protein. That means for every 100 grams of isolate protein powder, 90% of it is usable, or complete protein. This is quite high, with other sources ranging all the way from 40% to 80%, isolate stands as the clear leader.

I want something that digests easy. I hate that full, bloated feeling I get from certain protein sources, which could be linked to dairy/lactose. Isolate protein doesn’t do this to me, as it contains extremely low, to no lactose at all.

It’s gotta be quick hitting. Whey protein isolate digests extremely quick compared to some other medium to long digesting proteins like concentrate or micellar casein. (which also serve a purpose… great before bed!) I’m usually using protein immediately post workout, so I want it to get into my system as fast as possible to start the recovery process.

Macro nutrient breakdown. When looking at a protein, I want it to be just that, primarily protein. I like eating… I don’t want to drink my carbs or fat, I get those easily through diet. I do however have a much harder time getting in sufficient protein just through diet alone. Isolate protein is typically much lower in carbohydrates and fat than other sources.

In a nutshell, that’s why I personally prefer isolate protein. Now for some, isolate can be a bit more expensive, not fitting their budget. I totally get that. That’s why right now I have a deal just for you… our whey protein isolate, ISO-Protein is just $24.99… for a very limited time.

That’s the lowest we’ve ever gone on ISO-Protein. Seriously. Over 50% OFF…

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Hopefully this educated you a bit more on whey protein isolate and helps lead you to a more informed choice! 

Alexander McCray

Co-Owners & COO

MAN Sports

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