We only source the highest quality ingredients to create our premium supplements. The highest standardizations possible, most pure and quality tested ingredients make the cut.

Each ingredient comes with a C of A (Certificate of Analysis) confirming that it meets specifications and is pure & free of contaminants.

Products are batched out in runs of 1,000 or less, taste tested and approved for the bottling process. Bottling consists of measuring, filling, heat sealing and capping the finished good.

Labels are applied after the product has been bottled. Lid stickers with our Micro-Batch quality check are hand applied to the top of the lid. A tamper band is then heat shrunk onto the lid to ensure your product has not been opened.

After the Micro-Batch has been completed, samples are pulled for further micro and analytical testing, ensuring there are still no contaminants in the final product. Additional bottles are pulled and stored for records/references.