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EARN $10,000


Is it your dream to become a sponsored athlete? At MS we want to make a massive positive impact in the world of health & fitness. We’re now looking for our next Sponsored Athlete to help make that happen. Throw out everything you thought might qualify you… we’re looking for someone with a passion for health & fitness, helping people, promoting positivity and that leads by example. The $10,000 Athlete Search is your proving grounds to make this dream a reality.

  • Do you push yourself to be better everyday?

  • Do you set goals for yourself?

  • Do you live a healthy, fit lifestyle?

  • Does working out bring you joy?

  • Do you try to help others’ achieve their goals?

One passionate, hard working individual will become the face of MS, promote a brand they truly believe in and earn a Sponsored Athlete contract. 

It doesn’t end there though, we’ll also be picking 5 brand ambassadors to represent MS. Every single person has a shot to work with the brand, regardless of social media following.

This is about finding the right PERSON, not the person with the right following.

Our most successful athletes have always been ones that believed in the brand, the culture and the products before they ever started promoting them.

They provided real value, guidance and motivation to others looking for help with their health & fitness journey. 

They lead by example. Showcased their hard work and results.

 If this sounds like you, it’s time to sign up for your chance to prove your worth.


You’ll earn a $10,000 Sponsored Athlete contract for your hard work + the ability to earn additional income

You’ll become a central figure in all MS marketing, promotions, content and social media

Join us at MS HQ for photoshoots, video shoots, product testing & events



1. Sign Up
Entry to the 2021 MS Athlete Search not only gets you a chance to become a Sponsored Athlete but also gets you in “The Squad” to immediately start promoting and representing our brand! Complete your application here 

2. Interact Follow us on all platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, etc. When posting make sure to tag MAN Sports accounts and use hashtags #mansports #msathlete #msathletesearch and #mansportssquad The more we see your content, impact and engagement the more we see your value!

3. Represent Show us you have what it takes to be the next MS Sponsored Athlete. Utilize your social following and personal network to represent the brand, grow awareness and build the MS community.