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BRAINBRIDGE is a nootropic powder supplement that was created for gamers, students, business professionals and entrepreneurs. A nootropic by definition is a supplement or substance that improves brain functions like memory, creativity, focus and motivation.* Backed by natural caffeine and multiple proven, trademarked ingredients, BRAINBRIDGE is the ultimate mood-boosting energy supplement that can be taken throughout the day to help boost productivity, ambition, gaming performance and focus.*

With so many energy products on the market, you might be asking what makes BrainBridge better? Simple answer is effective doses, no hiding ingredients in “proprietary blends” and the inclusion of premium nootropics like Serinaid™, Teacrine® and Alpha GPC™.* Most formulas are simply caffeine with some pixie dusted ingredients and really good flavoring… BrainBridge backs up claims by using the industries highest effective doses in a fully disclosed ingredient blend showing you exactly what you are putting in your body!*

BRAINBRIDGE can also replace coffee, energy pills, energy drinks and shots. ZERO sugar, no jitters, no crash, just super smooth clean energy.*


Q: Does BrainBridge contain stimulants?
A: Yes, BrainBridge contains stimulants like Natural Caffeine comparable to 1-2 cups of coffee. We reinforce this with other focus and endurance ingredients to provide super smooth clean energy.

Q: Who can take BrainBridge?
A: Literally anyone over the age of 18 looking to have better workouts. Men and women no matter what type of training they do can benefit from a premium pre-workout like Game Day.

Q: When should I take BrainBridge?
A: Think of BrainBridge like you’d think of coffee, energy drinks and energy shots. You can use it throughout the day whenever you feel you need a boost of energy.

Q: How long do the effects of BrainBridge last?
A: Depending on serving size, BrainBridge kicks in in about 10-15 minutes and last 4-6 hours!* Best thing about BrainBridge is with it’s stimulant support ingredients, there’s NO CRASH!*

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108 reviews for "Brainbridge – 20 Servings"

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    This is one of my favorite supplements I’m taking right now. I was previously using something similar by The Genius Brand but switched over to BrainBridge, its awesome stuff. I actually picked mine up from MySupplementStore.Com. I think next time I may try the capsules just for a more convenient experience, although I do love the taste of this .

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    test review

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    Received item quickly, but the plastic seal around it and the lid were loose, and the protective seal was open. There was powder all in the inside of the packaging and the container. I contacted customer service, who told me that the product would still be safe to use even after communicating all of the above. I was offered an exchange, but would have to cover the shipping. Unreasonable in my opinion, since it was a genuine issue with the order and not something on my end like not liking the flavor, etc.

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    If you are looking for focus in a bottle this product is for you.

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    One of my main go-to products and what started my love for ManSports! I switch it up between BrainBridge and Scorch and take it almost every morning , of course with allowing a 4 week break per the directions. BrainBridge is by far my favorite for when I know I’m going to be writing reviews all day or working on my photographing and editing. It keeps me awake, focused, and definitely motivated to get the job done; which is something I really have a hard time doing. It sometimes feels like between my work and taking care of my family and myself, it gets tiring and I love motivation but not with BrainBridge. I’m being serious on how much energy it has given me and I really don’t feel like crap when I take 4 weeks off, I miss it of course though. I highly recommend BrainBridge, it has helped me juggle and balance everything and has given me the motivation to work on my overall health. Which has been working great so far. Besides all that though, for those really bad days and you have nothing to do, it’s great to take before gaming! lol Right now I’m loving Apex, and it really helps enhance the overall experience.

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    Where to even start?!? My Dr put me on Adderall back in December I thought I was finally normal until I was introduced to Brainbridge! No more medication (yes my Dr supervised that) biggest lifesaver and wallet saver! No wasting money on soda, energy drinks, or coffee!

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    This is the ONLY thing to put in your shaker when you need focus. Anytime I have paperwork or lessons to do, I reach for this!

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    Brain bridge i love the flavor lemon drop the best. It tastes just like lemon. I love the effects it gives me makes me focus, took me off energy drinks. Does not make me jittery.

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    this is the best product that i have ever used

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    I really love how brainbridge works for me! I’m a barrel racer and taking it 30 minutes prior to my run has helped my focus and nerves during some of my biggest races. I started doing that after watching Fallon and hearing how great it was with mental focus! My favorite flavor is rainbow sherbet 🙂

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    I have issues with other forms of caffeine I tried Brainbridge no issue just an energy boost and better focus and with Fibromyalgia and migraines any mental focus I can is a big plus. It has helped my fiancé kick the caffeinated pop and sugary drinks and he is a truck driver and says it gives him his energy to get thru his 14!hour days and keep mental focus and clarity is improved on the road

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    I don’t drink coffee or large amounts of caffeine but wanted to try this. I’ve tried other products that advertise the same effects but they were much more sugary and energy drink feeling. This makes me feel more awake at night (work nights) but not jittery. It also doesn’t taste terrible.

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    I’ve only been drinking this for a few days, but so far it gives me focus and lasting energy all day. I am a student and competitive horse rider so often my days are long and physically and mentally demanding. I got the Sour Nukes flavour and it’s good but the aftertaste is a little bitter. I also ordered this product in NOVEMBER and just received it…. maybe something with the shipping to Canada is off… but if its going to take that long next time it’s not worth ordering. Otherwise would buy again. Good product.

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    For $2/serving I had high hopes for this one but was pretty disappointed. I got sour nukes thinking it would be a mock candy flavor but it was nasty/gritty; it was sour but didn’t taste like anything in particular. As far as effectiveness I felt the same focus/energy drinking an energy drink or preworkout but it was far less enjoyable drinking brainbridge.

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    I ordered the rainbow sherbet brain bridge and it seemed to work for my focus and alertness and it was a good substitute for energy drinks. I’m in the defense industry and I sometimes work 12 hour overnight shifts and brain bridge gave me the edge and focus I needed with no crash. My only recommendation would be to use a shaker bottle and between 2-4 ounces more water per serving than what’s recommended to avoid chunks and grittiness.

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    I’m on my feet a lot at work and have started using this every morning on my way in. I put 25oz of some cold water in my shaker and the tangyness wakes me up. i do notice a hightened sense of function when using it.

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    So, caffeine doesn’t typically affect me by making me more alert/awake, whatever. I can have espresso and go to bed within half an hour. Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes, but I have been seeking something to help me focus and keep me more alert when I need to be.

    This *actually* does that. I don’t really know how or what it is, but it’s great! When you’re perfectly awake, it doesn’t do much of anything. But when using it after only two hours of sleep, I was super impressed. I’ve tried it before workout, after, sipping on it and guzzling it. I’ll say, guzzling it gives you a stronger effect, for about two hours. Sipping on it just perks ya up a little!

    Will be purchasing again in the future.

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    This stuff is just awesome. After a night studying and only a few hours of sleep, brainbridge had me awake, alert, and focused for my exam the next day. I was skeptical, but it worked for hours. Throughout the day I was not as easily distracted as I usually am which is great because it could sit and read all the chapters I needed. REALLY, BRAINBRIDGE IS AWESOME!

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    I LOVE this product!
    I’m a horse trainer & riding coach in Australia and I am constantly on the go !
    When I’m not at work I’m working my own horses .
    Since having brain bridge I have only had 2 coffees in a whole week!
    I would usually have 2 a day …. EASY…
    I am just waiting for rainbow sherbet to be in stock so I can grab some more!
    My hubby also loves it and is a massive red bull drinker , although since drinking this stuff he is coming home still with energy.

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    I have so much trouble focusing and actually completing a task in work, nursing school, and barrel racing. This is a lifesaver!! To simply describe it I feel like it calms my mind and focuses my eyes. I can get so much more done in less time all while being efficient. If you are even slightly considering this product go for it! Rainbow Sherbet and Lemon Drop are delicious.

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    I absolutely love brain bridge! I’m a vet tech student and it really helps me stay focused and 100%. I couldn’t function without it while doing my school work. Before I found brain bridge I was always slacking on my work and now that I have this amazing product it gets me aware and keeps me going on maybe studies. I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s definitely a game changer and if your looking for maximum focus mansports is the way to go!!!

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    I have a 2 year old that is a huge mommas boy! With brain bridge I’m able to focus on my homework and get it done while he naps so that I’m not sound it while he’s awake because that’s a disaster. But honestly if your in college this is like a 101 need basis it’s amazing and totally works!!! So try it!!!

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    I am in LOVE with brainbridge! IT has really helped me focus during work and at shows! I do 2 scoops of the Sour Nukes mixed with 1 scoop of the ISO amino! It tastes amazing! I highly recommend it! If you haven’t tried this, you better hurry up and buy some! It’s even helped a friend who has ADD/ADHD focus more and not take medication.

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    This product is amazing! I just received my 2nd can already because the 1st one convinced me that there was a product that would help me out with my low energy and focus at work. Plus I’m saving so much money from not buying energy drinks and without the crash. Sounds too good to be true but this is the Best Buy out there!

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    I am a very hard worker who spends every penny wisely to the best that I can do. I honestly feel hands down these products, BrainBridge included, you won’t be disappointed. I work in an office setting and BrainBridge has helped me focus more. Better than other products I’ve tried! I will definitely be an ongoing customer. If you’re the type of person wondering….well….does it work…is it worth it….it is!! I promise you. Hard worker spending money on herself on a product(s) that I’ve gotten RESULTS from. Results that are going to keep me coming back and purchasing more. Thank you to all the staff at ManSports for these amazing products and all the hard work that gets put into it. Thank you.

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    I am a barrel racer and have always get super nervous and anxious before a run. I tried brain bridge out for a full weekend and i have never rode my horse better. during a normal run its like i would know what was going on but i was just behind the whole time but not with brain bridge. walking down the alleyway i felt calm and confident and during the run its like i was in tune with my horse instead of behind. since i loved the product so much i had my brother who is a bull fighter try it. he said at the end of the performance (3 hours after he took the product) that fighting bulls was the easiest it had ever been. he said when he normally fought it was like afterwards he would think i should of been one step closer or i should of stepped in sooner but with brain bridge he was taking those steps and he just felt so much calmer and in the zone with what was going on. I recommend brain bridge to everyone i know now!

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    I have tried a couple nootropics before Brain Bridge. It is definitely one of the better ones. I tried Lemondrop and the flavor was very refreshing. The powder also mixed well. As to the performance, it gave me the focus I needed to concentrate on my afternoon work. I have to be precise and accurate with my work and this gave me laser focus. I would definitely buy this again.

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    I cannot say anything bad about this product. It really works very well. It gives you just the right amount of caffeine to wake me up and get me going through the day. As for the nootropic effect, it really gets me out of a brain fog almost immediately. I love the lemon drop flavor. I put a little more water than recommended because it has a strong sour lemon flavor ( exactly like a lemon head). I think it mixes very well in my blender bottle and maybe only have a few tiny crystals that didn’t completely dissolve, but that is fine. All in all, great product and will be buying continuously.

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    I’ve been using brainbridge for the past 2 weeks now. I noticed the day of my first show this season, this past Sunday, I was very focused and relaxed. This was my first show this season with my new mare. We placed in 3 classes with first place, and won Champion of the day. I’m usually all over the place and can’t focus and remember so I panic, but I feel this has helped.

  30. :

    I love this product im so glad i ordered! it works amazing, and tastes AMAZING!!

  31. :

    Great product! Ive always dealt with anxiety. And had trouble focusing at work and on other projects. Brainbridge works amazing! Im able to focus, have more energy and I am less stressed during the day. Added bonus, It tastes so good! It completely replaced coffee for me. Thanks for making such an awesome product. Just ordered more today!

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    I absolutely love this stuff! It’s so much easier to focus at my job with Brain Bridge and the fruit loop flavor of the rainbow sherbet is an added bonus. My only issue is the mixability. It never seems to dissolve all the way and I always get a chalky feeling, especially near the end of my bottle. Other than that, this stuff is awesome!

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    So far I’ve taken this for a week and it definitely gets you focused for the tasks at hand. In my job I need to be on top of my game and be alert and this product does it all for me. Will be buying again

  34. :

    I’m a radiology tech student. So that means many long hours and a lot of those early morning. Plus! QUIZES, TEST, Studying! So much going on it can be hard to be alert and stay focused. I bought this just to see how well it would help. It definitely wakes me up in the morning and just gives me a good feeling throughout the day. Not to mention the flavor is great! I can’t wait till they introduce more flavors! Will definitely be repurchasing!

  35. :

    I have been sitting at a computer for 8+ hours a day for work and it is hard for me to focus so I figured I would give brainbridge a shot and I love it! I have accomplished more in the last 2 day that I have taken it than I did all last week! I mix it with pink lemonade ISO Aminos and it is delicious!

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    This was my 1st purchase from man sports, I have not had a mountain dew in 2 weeks and it sure helps me focus 8 hours with my highly physical job!

  37. :

    I bought this to help get me past my 2pm after lunch work slump when I just want to take a nap and for AM work meetings (I have a hard time getting my motor running in the morning). I took this with my ISO-Aminos for a 9AM work meeting that went until noon and was SO IMPRESSED. Normally I have difficulty staying engaged and awake but I was alert, attentive, and involved. I would caution against taking it on an empty stomach though. I did that once and it gave me the jitters and left me feeling light headed. Otherwise I highly recommend Brain Bridge! I got the Sour Nukes flavor which isn’t my favorite on it’s own but mixes great with the Sour Batch ISO Aminos and Rainbow Sherbert L Carnatine.

  38. :

    This product is top notch! It helps me not get distracted at work and when I study. Bainbridge works really well for me!

  39. :

    Really like this product, it keeps me alert and active during the day. I just wish they had more flavors, the sour is kind of hard to drink.

  40. :

    I have found a difference with this amazing product! I have issues with memory, focus, and if I do not have a good nights sleep, I can’t even keep my eyes open in a school class. This stuff is a game changer! Tastes amazing, has a perfect amount of caffeine, not too much which can result with migraine. My mother has MS and is looking forward to using this as well to help her focus. I have seen some amazing results, and I cannot wait to see hers. Thank you Man Sports!

  41. :

    I’m not seeing a huge noticeable change. The way it was marketed led me to believe it was the best thing since sliced bread. I really haven’t seen anything dramatic, I’m still experimenting with it though. Hopefully I didn’t waste all that money on it. I also really wish it came in other flavors. I really don’t like Sour Nukes.

  42. :

    After having my tastebuds assaulted with the flavors of nerds and sour patch kids from your aminos and warheads from the pre I had to give this a shot. I’m used to drinking coffee and energy drinks through the day (military got me there) but this is a game changer. Coffee in the AM and this has done more than I could think for my energy levels and focus I can put into anything, and who can argue with laser like focus in the gym? 10/10 I love this stuff guys you killed it!

  43. :

    This was mentioned as an upcoming product, (not by name), in an online chat with the awesome support staff when I was trying to get the right products. I was waiting patiently and ordered pretty much as soon as it dropped. I am so happy I did! I work 2 jobs and go to school, so I found myself getting tired in class. Taking a pre-workout made me hyper and I couldn’t focus.
    This changed everything. I was alert and clear while being able to focus on my professor speaking. I am generally horrible with algebra and I started understanding better when I drank Brain Bridge before class.
    I didn’t get a dose in this past week before class and I found myself dazing out.
    This really does work and I’ll be a customer for life!

  44. :

    I love this product. I have pretty bad ADHD. At my job if its really slow out, my ADHD kicks in hard core. Since taking this product I can focus more on things and I dont get distracted that bad. The only thing I dont like too much is the taste, I have to mix it with something so the flavor isnt too bad. I cant wait for different flavors to come out!

  45. :

    First off Ill start by sayin that I have taken nootropics before such as, mental jewels and nootropimax by performax labs. So I have a really good understanding how these products work. Comparing them to brainbridge, brainbridge beats them both. Energy kicked in right off the bat and lasted for about 6-7 of complete focus without jitters. Being in the fire academy this will most definitely help me focus on my exams coming up. If your looking for the a clean energy and foucs product, this is it. Not to mention the flavor is on point.
    Side note: Take on a empty stomach for best results!!

  46. :

    What a profile! I was blown away by what I saw on the label and just knew this was a supplement that I had to try out for myself. I have been using nootropic & focus supplements lately and I’ve found that they really do enhance my focus & concentration. And Brain Bridge absolutely delivered with no crashes later on during the day. This is a fantastic formula that really outshines several other products that I have used.

  47. :

    I am currently taking ans rave and I must say very solid product; however, I read about man sports brain bridge on Instagram and wanted to see what the hype was about considering I was taking a nutoopic product already. I am a student in an accelerated paramedic program that takes a ton of time in the book and I also work full time as a firefighter/EMT. One of my crew members has the brain bridge product and lucky for me he let me try a serving as I was preparing for a huge test and the focus is unreal. The feeling you get is amazing. I was really impressed that it even had an positive effect on my mood where as the current product I’m taking (ans rave) did nothing for mood. The next day I attempted to order and it was on backorder/out of stock I pray that it’s stocked soon because I’m ready to pour my rave down the sink for this here brain bridge. I really couldn’t remove myself from the books and that’s never a tough task for someone like me that has ADD.

  48. :

    I have really enjoyed using this product in my daily regimen. I take daily ADD medication and I find that sometimes my engine doesn’t get running right away or that I run out of steam towards the end of the day when I still have homework to do in the evening. I feel that this product helps bridge (haha pun!) the gap that I need in giving me an extra push and keeps my mind clear so that I can keep going. The only thing that is a little off putting is the mix-ability of the powder. Because the powder is a different texture than that of the other products I find that it doesn’t mix as easily like the other products do. Sometimes while I’m drinking it I will get a burst of just the Brain Bridge which is a little off putting sometimes because of its different texture and sour flavoring. It gets better when I mix it more and add a bit more water but this minor thing doesn’t at all off put me from using it. I really enjoy this product.

  49. :

    i really enjoy BrainBridge. it’s a great alternative to regular energy drinks which i’ve been drinking everyday for 15+ years. i do freelance graphic design and do most of my work at night. i usually need something to give me a boost of energy and help me focus while sitting at my computer for hours. this provides great focus without the sugar crash. i thought it was gonna be super sour but it’s not overpowering. it’s pretty good tasting. i would definitely buy this again.

  50. :

    Okay, so I do not own the product but was fortunate a friend of mine did! I was in a university General Chemistry 2 class for the summer. That meant a 16 week class was changed to fit into 5 weeks. That is crazy if anyone has ever tried it. So I went through the class and on the last week we got our final exam, it was comprehensive. I set aside time to study but my friend told me to try Brainbridge, so I said why not. This is one of the best supplements I’ve taken. Generally whenever I study, I’m checking other things and I just can’t focus. However after taking the nootropic, I could actually sit down and study, understand, apply and retain the information easily. Come test day, I remember things clearly. End result was an A on my final which meant I got an A in the class. So thanks Man Sports.

    I also tried it during soccer. It didn’t hurt my stomach on my usual gameday routine. It truly didn’t make me feel off or anything. If anyone is a soccer player, they’ll know it takes focus, strength, creativity and skill. I nail those on the pitch but I felt as if I got multitask on the field. It felt like I was able to take on more defenders successfully, create more space, finding passing lanes. I have to say, Brainbridge is an A+ supplement for soccer games.

    PS: If you had any doubts, the flavor is amazing, without the fake coloring. That is a huge plus for me.

  51. :

    I am a huge fan of nootropic supplements. I have tried everything from Focus XT to OL Elix1r and this blows them both away.
    Let’s start with the flavor. The flavor is good with a nice sourness to it but there is a bitter aftertaste that is very noticeable. I would rate this about a 7.5/10 on flavor alone.
    The drink mixed pretty good with just a few little floaters that stuck to the shaker cup.
    I could feel the effects within about 10-15 after drinking this. I became super focused and was able to easily multitask at work.
    Working a desk job, this easily replaces coffee or energy drinks. If you are looking for something to help you get in the zone at work, gaming, or before a workout I would highly recommend Brain Bridge.

  52. :

    As a self proclaimed “stimulant junkie” high amounts of caffeine are a normal part of my day, generally before a morning workout, and something mid-day to keep me going (Yes, I’m aware of the adrenal fatigue I’m creating). As a soon-to-graduate college student, I liked the idea of the more balanced energy and brain enhancing ingredient profile that Brain-Bridge offered. I ordered a bottle in the first batch, and have been hooked ever since. I find it doesn’t over stimulate me, and I have a nice clear focus and enhanced concentration. I also drank a serving before a job interview last week, and received a call last night that I got the job! Can’t say enough good stuff about this stuff!

  53. :

    You have to try this… who doesn’t love energy, alertness, wakefulness, & mood??? As a stay home mother of 4 kids under 8, this is a must!!! I am a believer and will be ordering more as soon as it’s restocked… this is one you don’t want to run out of so stock up as soon as you can!!! A+++

  54. :

    I love taking this prior to heading to work. It helps me get over that 2-o’clock feeling, and leaves me feeling motivated and focused. My only complaint is that it’s only 20 servings!

  55. :

    I am a student currently working toward a nursing degree. And I am also a barrel racer. I’ll take this product in the morning before I go to school and it keeps me focused on the lectures and helps me to absorb everything I’m learning. When I’m at a competition, I’ll take Brain Bridge about an hour before I run. It helps with the pre-run nerves and jitters. It also helps me focus on my run and what I need to do. Lastly, the flavor is soooo good! I love the sour nukes flavor because it tastes like sour candy. I have recommended this product to several people and they’ve tried it and said they loved it! Definitely going to have to buy more!

  56. :

    I used this product at work when it’s 102 out and I’m still working horses. I only have to use 3/4 of a scoop and it gets me back on track. The flavor is a bit strong so I mix a scoop of amino with it.

  57. :

    I love this product! Being an employee for vitamin shoppe a man sports rep came in and showed us the brain bridge and I fell in love with this product I bought my self one and working all day two jobs I’ve never been more focused and well rounded until this product it’s a must have!

  58. :

    I was looking for a product to help me focus without the after crash. I friend of mine recommended I try brain Bridge for a change instead of the regular energy drinks. I was a bit skeptical but after trying it for the first time I was sold! Love the mental clarity and no crash! Not only did it help in the gym but help with college classes! Try it you won’t regret it!

  59. :

    I have to admit i was skeptical to try this. I am very sensitive to different products and I usually get jittery and crash supper fast on other products… NOT THIS ONE….!! 🙂 Im New to this product line and so far I have found it to be good and NO JITTERS!!! The Flavor is great.. I usually get a 2:00pm slump where I cant focus and sometime have to close my eyes for a few minutes.. I also get so tired i cant concentrate…This has helped me get thru this part of my day and continue on with out acting crazy or like I downed a bunch of Coffee.. I will be purchasing this again in the future when needed.. Thanks

  60. :

    This product was replaced my energy drink addictions! I am a mom of two little boys and work full time and rodeo so I need every bit of help I can get! This product really allows me to focus and power through the day. I take it mid afternoon to help eliminate the mid afternoon slump and it helps me stay very productive and focused!

  61. :

    I have been using Brainbridge for a little over a week now. I LOVE it. I have been getting up before 3 A.M. to go to work and beat the heat. I have traded in my coffee for Brainbridge, and I am loving the results. It helps me be alert and focused on little sleep. I love that when I mix it, it doesn’t have the gritty residue that some products do. It is smooth and tastes great! I also rope and plan to start drinking it before I compete. I can’t wait to see how much my focus will improve! I will for sure be a return customer.

  62. :

    When it comes to Nootropics, this product surpasses expectations. The focus, clarity and cognitive improvement you’ll feel using Brainbridge is unparalleled and useful for just about anything you’ll do. The gym is a perfect place to use this supplement as well. Focusing on a harder lift and improving that mind/body connection is key to a good workout. This supplement will easily help you take it to the next level.

  63. :

    Based on what is available on the market now this products definitely delivers based on its claims. My work schedule is intense and normally consumes me for 70+ hours a week. Brain Bridge helped me stay focused and on task compared to my usual tangents throughout the day. The stimulant effect is rather low so I did have to ultimately add addition sources of caffeine. Also added it to several pre-workouts, including the sample of block buster I received, and it made an amazing impact on the concentration during my workout. What kept this product from a 5 star rating in my opinion was the taste. Now I will say I do not personally care about taste but I did allow a few accounts and coworkers to try it and this is based on their reaction. Mixed with a tart or sour flavor caffeine product made it much better.

    Again based on the formula this is a solid 5/5 product and I will be purchasing it many more times. Truly appreciate what your company does!

  64. :

    I have used Brain Bridge twice now…. both before competing in rodeos with my horses and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It was amazing how much in helped to increase my focus, ability to plan and through clearly throughout my run and also helped me to stay energized on a long exhausting day! Brain Bridge is definitely something that I will continue to use every time before I compete!!

  65. :

    Best supplement I’ve ever tried, hands down. I have anxiety problems and often have trouble focusing when I have a lot to get done. With brainbridge I’ve been able to think clear headed, and be productive without getting sidetracked every 5 minutes. I love that it keeps me motivated & energized without all the jitters. It also helps me push through that last mile of my run. The taste is great without being overwhelming. Thanks for making such an amazing product!!

  66. :

    Let’s be real most of us aren’t solely into fitness alone. We have multiple passions that require optimal cognition. Whether it’s because you work hard or play hard. We need to be “on point”. Brain bridge is a great product that helps you whether you’re at work, studying all nighters or need that extra edge for sports/fitness. Loved the man sports brand and have been an avid user . I’ve been there since he beginning reviewing man sports on Figure fuel was one of the first products I reviewed. Can’t wait to see what man sports have in store in the near future!

  67. :

    This is my first mansports product I’ve ever tried,and I love it!! I bought this to see if it would help give me a boost mentally an physically an I was blown away by how alert and bright it made me feel and I enjoy the taste.On the other hand my husband likes his energy drinks and I got home him to try brain bridge and let’s just say I almost have to keep it hidden from him,that is how much he loves it too,except for the taste.He drinks it while holding his nose.
    Great product,we love it!!

  68. :

    I was super skeptical about BrainBridge at first, but after trying it I have noticed cred I am able to focus on what I am doing more and I’m not distracted as easily. And I am an easily distracted person. My only issue is that it came to me kind of clumpy which made me a little nervous.

  69. :

    I have started using Brain Bridge and after the 2nd day I dropped my RX for Adderall as a little test. So far, so good! If I start to loose focus I just take another dose of Brain Bridge. I like that I’m not putting more medications into my system. I hope to continue down this path!

  70. :

    So far I’m really enjoying Brain Bridge! A little about me – I get sleepy at 2pm every day, and I like to go to bed early even on weekends. Basically I’m a koala. The first time I tried Brain Bridge was on our way to a night out. It was really a lifesaver! I was able to hang way past my bedtime without yawning every 5 seconds. Now I regularly drink it around 10am at work. It gives me the energy and focus I need to make it through the mundane work day. I did learn to not take it when you’re already tired! Take it before the sleepies hit you! Made that mistake once and it was weird experience.

    Also of course I love the flavor and the way it flawlessly mixes with water so quickly! I highly recommend this for anyone who has to sit at a desk all day and their mind wanders or goes through the afternoon lull.

  71. :

    Before I ordered my friend had this and gave me a little same to try for about a week.
    And I fell in love. I’m currently in cosmetology school, and it has really helped me with my focus and staying on track. I have recently placed my order because of how it has truly helped me improve in my daily life. I seriously can’t wait till my order arrives so that I don’t have to keep using my friends.
    If you’re looking for something that will help you focus and stay on track no matter what it may be. You need to try this, but also try all MAN sports supplements. They all truly work.

  72. :

    Absolutely love this product! Gives you focus and energy, but does not make you feel jittery. I use it in the office and before my barrel runs! Love the flavor too!

  73. :

    I love this product. I have anxiety and a diet Dr pepper “problem”. I Drink Brainbridge when I get up before I eat breakfast and helps my stay focused at work without the jitters. I got it to help my focus when I run barrels but haven’t been anywhere yet but excited to try it. My step son ropes calves and I’m going to have him try it. I’m not a fan of the flavor but I mix it with unsweet tea and its tolerable. Please make one that isn’t so bitter.

  74. :

    I usually have coffee every morning when I get to work and drink it through the morning. I deal with legal descriptions of properties in my job so I have to have so much focus and it can get very tedious, this helps so much! I will be super honest and say though, the aftertaste, not a fan of. It lingers even. I have issues with it not mixing well too. I have tried different temps of water to change that. I did not see on the container how much water to mix it with so I actually messaged Alexander and HE REPLIED in no time! I felt that was great customer service! That in itself made me order again from Man Sports. I follow a Keto way of eating so I do have to watch what I can and can not have but I am finding ways to incorporate Man Sports products into this lifestyle and it is working! Keep it up!!!

  75. :

    If I had to pick only ONE Man Sports product to use, it would be this one. 1. The taste is great, not too sweet and not too sour. Just right. 2. I barrel race, lately Ive been having to take an anxiety pill because I was getting so nervous before runs that I would loose focus. I started taking Brain Bridge instead and it keeps my brain focused and gives me no jitters so my nerves stay at bay. This has been the real game changer for me. I wish I had bought two initially. 3. If I am having a crazy day at work I take this, and it keeps me focused on my tasks while giving me the energy to get through the day. I really cannot say enough good things about it and that is my honest opinion.

  76. :

    I want to start by saying MANsports never fails to deliver a solid product . I have been taking their supplements for many years now . So when Brain Bridge Came out I had to get it . I’ve always wanted to try sour nukes, because I like sour flavors . This flavor though is sour but leaves this weird after taste in your mouth .When you get through the after taste the awesomeness kicks in . This isn’t like a pre work out ,it won’t get you hyper or feel like you can go hulk on every one . Brain Bridge give you the focus , aleartness that you need without a crash . I am in IT so having a product like this is amazing to have and to me having a solid product with quality is what matters . MANsports is just that quality .

  77. :

    I have been an avid coffee drinker and energy drink user for years. Once I tried Brain Bridge it was truly life changing! Not only am I more focused during training but helps greatly with every day tasks as well. There is no crash like with most energy drinks, no head ache or jitters! Not to mention the taste is amazing! I would strongly suggest this product to anyone wanting to improve their daily life, health and focus.

  78. :

    It is a great product that offers energy and focus without feeling jittery. I have issues with anxiety and getting overwhelmed when there is a lot to get done but since I started taking this 1 week and 1/2 ago I find that it calms that and allows me to take on my day without getting stressed out. A huge plus for me.

  79. :

    I usually buy a monster ultra zero, while drinking it, I take Alpha-GPC, L-theanine, ALCAR, and huperzine-A. So imagine my pleasure in seeing this product, not only is it cheaper but way more convenient. I use to buy all those separately in pill form, from different places now it’s a one stop shop and I get them all and then some for cheaper than I was paying before.
    As always MAN knocked it our it the park with flavor, they always make the best and for me most nostalgic flavors. This product is amazing.
    The performance boost I get is substantial. I am a physics major going into my senior year, I’ve been doing summer research and using this product. Those long hours in the lab, I’m able to stay focused and do all the calculations I need with no distractions.
    I have used this during workouts and noticed my “mind-muscle” connection is greater than without it. I am not a gamer, but I can tell you when I read textbooks following the content without having to re-read has definitely improved. I also bartend on the weekends to pay bills while in school and I’ve noticed I can remember far more drink orders than before. It’s a unattended side effect but I’m not complaining. It’s allowing me to work faster, and in my world faster means more drinks, and more drinks means more money.
    I no longer will go for coffee or a monster but instead BrainBridge is my new weapon of choice or should I say nuke of choice, sour nuke that is…

  80. :

    This stuff is great, I go into work at 5am and mybworkout time is at 2pm, typically I have a crash and a lul at this time, that’s when brain bridge helps me stay focused on my task at hands which is #gainz. Love this stuff could not be more positive result, sometimes I stack with Scorch for an extra kick!

  81. :

    I highly recommend this product to everyone!!!! Before using this product I was drinking at least 2 energy drinks a day… Which wasn’t a healthy choice for my body and frankly wasn’t doing much for my energy. I decided to try this product because I was hoping to stop drinking energy drinks all together and I have since starting it(I haven’t wanted one since). There is no comparison between the two. Brainbridge gives you great energy and clears your thinking… More importantly you don’t have a hard crash from it and its longer lasting then other caffeine drinks. And did I mention the taste is GREAT!

  82. :

    Really helps give me mental focus and clarity! A great 2 pm drink to get me through the rest of my busy days at work!

  83. :

    I work from home and have such a hard time getting my day going without an energy drink, it is such a terrible habit! I purchased Brainbridge to help me break the habit/addiction. I purchased it the day it came out and have been using it every day since I received it! It’s a game changer. It tastes great and helps to wake me up and keep me focused. No jitters and no crash!

  84. :

    I loved the flavor first off. My first thing with any supplement is taste then if it actually works, so this definitely passed the test. As far as focus goes it was amazing i was able to stay up and finish my projects without losing focus or crash. The mixability could use some work but besides that GREAT product

  85. :

    I really love brainbridge!! It helps keep me focused & thinking clearly.

  86. :

    I was skeptical about Brainbridge, but I thought I will try it. If I don’t like it, I can give it away. Well I won’t be giving it away! I took it 1/2 hour before a barrel race, no nervousness, I was able to really focus & Remember everything I did in my run, Amazing. I love it

  87. :

    I have a 9-5 Desk job. As most can agree caffeine is a must need when comes to being prosuctive. So many days I just wanted to sleep because of the staring at the computer screen. Coffee wasn’t just cutting it. I happened upon this and wow talk about focus and ability to concentrate. Every corporate company needs to offer this some how.

  88. :

    I am an extremely busy mom of 3 boys and wife of a business owner & struggled being able to stay on top of everything from kids to paperwork. BRAINBRIDGE is essential in my daily life now. It helps me focus and feel “zoned in” without any jitters or crashes. I feel a very high level of mental clarity that I’ve never experienced with anything else. It honestly even makes me less “cranky”. The taste is amazing and the mixability is awesome! It’s great alone or mixed with the iso-aminos. This is a must have product for EVERYONE- no matter your job or lifestyle.

  89. :

    I absolutely love brain bridge the taste is awesome, the mental clarity it gives me is amazing!!

  90. :

    This stuff WORKS! It tastes amazing!! It clears your mind and gives serious focus. It helps me prepare for all sorts of different activities. I use often and will order more!

  91. :

    After swearing over to Mansports when I first had a warhead flavored supplements (still my favorite) I had to give this a shot. 10/10 from this whether I’m in the gym or pulling a late night the feeling of focus and alertness is always reliable. Definitely will stay stocked up on this

  92. :

    After changing my life with warhead flavored supplements I’ve loved the company, but this product is insane. 10/10 on the supplement and the focus I feel from this whether I’m in the gym or pulling a late night is always reliable. This will be ordered for sure

  93. :

    I have been an avid coffee drinker and energy drink user for years. Once I tried Brain Bridge it was truly life changing! Not only am I more focused during training but helps greatly with every day tasks as well. There is no crash like with most energy drinks, no head ache or jitters! Not to mention the taste is amazing! I would strongly suggest this product to anyone wanting to improve their daily life and focus.

  94. :

    I’m not kidding with anybody on here man sports is coming up in the supplement industry they make great products to there very tasty and wacky flavors of protein and bcaa they have out but ever since they dropped brainbridge, Boy! I’m telling you guys it’s a great product the focus and sensation I get in the gym when I take my Scoop I feel aware of my surrounds im set on killing my workout more pleasure to keep working out and being on top

  95. :

    As a student, any time of day is a good time for coffee. Brainbridge gives me the same energy without the anxiety and jitters from coffee. It tastes good, just as good or better than an energy drink. My only critique is that it doesn’t mix very easily. I’ll shake it for a while in my shaker cup and still be left with some stuck to the walls and bottom of the shaker at the end.

  96. :

    I’m super finicky on different tastes and textures. I’m super glad to report that it taste awesome, and it dissolves perfectly. keeps me alert and focused! I no longer need extra caffeine during the day.

  97. :

    I work as a 3rd shift paramedic and brain bridge is the real deal! Helps give me the energy I need with no jitters or crash. Stuff taste like candy to boot!

  98. :

    I work as a 3rd shift paramedic and brain bridge definitely gives me a boost when I am dragging those long hours. Lasting energy and no jitters with NO CRASH!!!! Stuff taste amazing to boot!

  99. :

    I have been an avid coffee drinker and energy drink user for years. Once I tried Brain Bridge it was truly life changing! Not only am I more focused during training but helps greatly with every day tasks as well. There is no crash like with most energy drinks, no head ache or jitters! Not to mention the taste is amazing! I would strongly suggest this product to anyone wanting to improve their daily life and focus. – bunnyinked

  100. :

    This product is awesome! It does everything it claims! I love it for studying it helps me focus!!

  101. :

    I have been an avid coffee and energy drink user for many years. After trying Brain Bridge I can’t imagine life without it. No more headaches, stomach aches, or the horrible crash that comes with energy drinks. I am much more focused with both training and every day life! I seriously don’t know I managed before!

  102. :

    Thought it was amazing and delicious… Full time worker, rodeo athlete on the weekends, & an online student. Thank you brain bridge!

  103. :

    The focus and energy is clean and on point! Gets me through when I need it most, and the taste is delish!!! Would definitely recommend this to anyone needing that extra push 🙂

  104. :

    Great taste & really works! I would highly recommend this product to anyone that needs an extra boost & focus throughout the day. Man Sports products are my favorite!

  105. :

    I’ve only been using it for a few days, but Brainbridge is helping to fix my caffeine dependence. Brainbridge is a longer lasting, more potent level of focus than coffee or energy drinks. I’m able to stay on task longer, and be less worried about refilling my coffee cup. There are no jitters, elevated heart rate or crash at any time during my work day or work out!

  106. :

    I have found as I age keeping on task and not losing focus has become more difficult but from the first time I used Brainbridge I had better mental clarity.

  107. :

    As a student, full-time teacher, and mom who rodeos in her spare time, this product was a life-saver! No matter what I am doing, BRAINBRIDGE gives me the focus and precision to be the ULTIMATE multi-tasker! I am not a morning person, but using this product after I wake up gives me the motivation and confidence to complete schoolwork or homework accurately before the little one wakes up. Goodbye groggy mistakes!

  108. :

    First, I have to say how picky I am about drinks – but this seriously tastes amazing! Second, I’ve always had a hard time with energy and focusing – I haven’t taken this for long and haven’t seen a huge difference yet BUT, I did take it before my last horse competition and was able to concentrate and focus better – I won all my classes and attribute it brainbridge! Will definitely order more!

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  • Serving Size: 1 Scoop (6.15g)
  • Servings Per Container: 20
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
B-6 (as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) 5 mg 384%
B-12 (as methylcobalamin) 250 mcg 10,416%
LTP Mental Domination™ 87 mg **
Sceletium Tortuosum Extract (minimum 0.35% alkaloids) (aerial parts) 80 mg **
Coleus Forskohlii 95% 7 mg **
BrainBridge Formula™ 2600.2 mg **
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 750 mg **
Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (Alpha-GPC) 50% 800 mg **
L-Phenylanine 500 mg **
N-Acteyl-L-Tyrosine 250 mg **
Bacopa monniera Leaf 10:1 Extract 150 mg **
SerinAid™ (PhosphatidylSerine (PS) enriched soybean phospholipid) 100 mg **
AstraGIN™ Proprietary Blend 50 mg **
[Astragalus membranaceus Extract (root) & Panax notoginseng Extract] (root) **
Huperzine A (Huperzia serrata leaf standardized extract) 200 mcg **
Natural Caffeine Blend 425 mg **
Green Coffee Beans Standardized for 98% Natural Caffeine 125 mg **
(yielding 122.5mg of Caffeine) **
L-Theanine 200 mg **
Theacrine (as TeaCrine®) 250 mg **
20/20 Vision Support 22 mg **
Lutein 20 mg **
Zeaxanthin 2 mg **

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Malic Acid, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K), Calcium Silicate.

Allergen Warning: This product is manufactured with equipment that process products that may contain milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, crustaceans, & shellfish.


  • Serving Size: 1 Scoop (7.05g)
  • Servings Per Container: 20
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
B-6 (as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) 5 mg 384%
B-12 (as methylcobalamin) 250 mcg 10,416%
LTP Mental Domination™ 87 mg **
Sceletium Tortuosum Extract (minimum 0.35% alkaloids) (aerial parts) 80 mg **
Coleus Forskohlii 95% 7 mg **
BrainBridge Formula™ 2600.2 mg **
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 750 mg **
Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (Alpha-GPC) 50% 800 mg **
L-Phenylanine 500 mg **
N-Acteyl-L-Tyrosine 250 mg **
Bacopa monniera Leaf 10:1 Extract 150 mg **
SerinAid™ (PhosphatidylSerine (PS) enriched soybean phospholipid) 100 mg **
AstraGIN™ Proprietary Blend 50 mg **
[Astragalus membranaceus Extract (root) & Panax notoginseng Extract] (root) **
Huperzine A (Huperzia serrata leaf standardized extract) 200 mcg **
Natural Caffeine Blend 425 mg **
Green Coffee Beans Standardized for 98% Natural Caffeine 125 mg **
(yielding 122.5mg of Caffeine) **
L-Theanine 200 mg **
Theacrine (as TeaCrine®) 100 mg **
20/20 Vision Support 22 mg **
Lutein 20 mg **
Zeaxanthin 2 mg **

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Malic Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K), Calcium Silicate.

Allergen Warning: This product is manufactured with equipment that process products that may contain milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, crustaceans, & shellfish.