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Clout – Seize the Power with MAN’s Classic Hybrid Creatine Formula

Nearly 10 years ago, MAN Sports launched Clout, a groundbreaking, industry-changing hybrid creatine formula—the first supplement ever to use Creatine Orotate. After seemingly endless research, formulation and real-world testing, and supported by genuine clinical studies, MAN Sports offered athletes an answer

for the issues commonly faced when the body is under intense training conditions. Clout brought science and sweat together and helped athletes shatter performance barriers and plateaus while gaining strength, stamina and faster recovery. Clout was the real deal.

Flash forward to 2014. Hybrid creatine formulas seem to be a dime a dozen. Most are weak, underdosed, overpriced and packed with fillers.

So MAN Sports dug deep and went back to their roots, resurrecting Clout—for their 1%ers and for every athlete who’s serious about supplementing intelligently for strength, stamina and recovery. Even by today’s standards, Clout still provides a revolutionary innovative formula that brings you real strength, power, stamina, recovery and growth you can see and feel. The only major difference between the old and new… the taste. Original Clout wasn’t known for phenomenal taste by any means. MAN Sports has since created amazing unique flavor systems and made sure to implement this with their limited run of Clout.

Created with the same Micro-Batch quality as you’ve come to expect from all MAN Sports products, Clout will help you:

–        Stimulate explosive power and strength

–        Build lean muscle mass

–        Support endurance and recovery

With almost a decade passing since its initial release, you might be wondering how Clout can still be relevant in today’s flooded supplement market. When it comes to Clout, relevancy can be measured in sixes. Clout distinguishes itself by combining six key bioactives to create its unique, exclusive blend.

Even today, Clout is not your run-of-the-mill hybrid creatine product. Clout pioneered and innovated research and science to enhance your body’s natural ability to fight the primary causes of fatigue, enhance recovery and increase explosive muscular firepower—and that innovation holds true today.

Call it a throwback. Call it a nod to a classic. Or call it exactly what you need to push past your latest plateau. Whatever you classify Clout—remember—MAN Sports brought Clout back as a limited supply for a limited time only. So order yours up today. And don’t forget, Clout can be combined with any other MAN Sports products for enhanced performance and body composition. Stack strong. Stack smart. Stack MAN.

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†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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