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Water Drop Herbal Diuretic & Anti-Bloat Formula

Water Drop – Herbal Diuretic & Anti-Bloat Formula

Water Drop is the newest product launching into the MAN Sports arsenal of weight management products. 

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Now what exactly is it!?

WATER DROP is a stimulant free herbal diuretic + anti bloat formula. It is an EXTREMELY effective tool that is to be taken a few days at a time to expel water weight and define muscle tone. The formula is comprised of 9 key ingredients in efficacious doses to assist you in achieving your diet, physique and weight management goals. If you want to look your best and drop that little bit of extra fluff or water, this is the perfect tool for you. Each dose of WATER DROP’s herbal formula is inside a clear vegetarian capsule. 

Now how do you use WATER DROP?

It can be used alone or in conjunction with SWEAT COMPOUND for even better results. We suggest that you take one serving (4 capsules) twice daily. Always consume WATER DROP with at least 16oz of water, and ensure you are drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water each day! We recommend taking WD for temporary relief of unwanted water weight, usually taken only 3-4 days at a time.

So…. whats this difference between WATER DROP AND SWEAT COMPOUND?

Think of WATER DROP as a temporary or short term weight management tool, to help you drop excess pounds, reduce water weight and define muscles. In comparison to SWEAT COMPOUND that is a product that is going to enhance your workouts, and help you to burn body fat. SWEAT COMPOUND is a long term use product, while this is short term weight management. However, stacking both SWEAT COMPOUND and WATER DROP together can be a very beneficial tool to achieving your physique goals.

Think of WATER DROP as the cherry on top of a dieting sundae. Leaning down for a competition or wanting to have a little more defined muscle at the beach the upcoming weekend, WD is here to help. While we only recommend this for temporary use, it can have major effects on the look of your physique. 

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