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Ultimate Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Ultimate Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

The Ultimate Upper Body Kettlebell Workout – If you’ve always wanted to learn how to train with kettlebells, this is the perfect video and workout to start.
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There are many reasons to like kettlebells, but let’s talk about just two. The biggest, for me, is that they allow us to practice—and instruct—the most important human movements in ways that are approachable, but incredibly powerful.

For example, I think the kettlebell swing—done correctly—teaches and reinforces the most powerful thing a human can do: hinge at the hips. It’s also a world-class fat-burning athlete builder. And the kettlebell squat, especially the goblet squat (invented, humbly, by me) is the best gateway there is to deep squatting and appropriate positioning. Just those two can change lives and careers. I have used both with huge athletic engines from the NFL, NBA, MLB, the military, and the Olympic world, and with plenty of everyday people who have no desire to be in those worlds. But in both cases, we have made progress.

The second reason is that kettlebells are the master tool for increasing density in your training. Density can be explained simply: “Same work, less time.” Later, it becomes “more work, less time.” Complexes and circuits are part of the density world, but let me add one more for you: drumlines.

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Ultimate Upper Body Kettlebell Workout
NOTE* Each exercise you’re going to do it each are for 3 sets rep range between 8-12

Workout starts at (0:42)
1- Alternating Pushup

2- Single Kettlebell Row (0:58)

3- Single Kettlebell Press (1:16)

4- Single Kettlebell Halo (1:36)

5- Front Raise (1:56)

6- Curl to Tricep Press (2:13)


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