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The PERFECT Leg Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

The PERFECT Leg Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

The PERFECT Leg Workout ►Take What Paul uses:

Great legs require intense effort and smart training. Learn leg anatomy and the techniques you need to build better hams, glutes, and quads.

When I started training, I was a total idiot. I didn’t want to train legs and had every excuse in the book: “I don’t want my legs to get too big,” “I play sports, so I don’t need to train legs,” and of course, “Squats are bad for your knees.”


Whether your goal is to squat or deadlift stupid amounts of weight, build thighs that blow away your competition, or simply look great in the summer, the discussion begins and ends with a great set of legs.

There’s just one small problem: building big, strong, and athletic legs is damn hard work! That’s the real reason why most people either don’t train legs, or don’t take leg training seriously enough to forge wheels of steel.

In my not-so-humble opinion, if you’re not serious about leg training, you’re not serious about your training. Period.

Fortunately, I finally got smart and started training my legs. My strength and hypertrophy exploded as a result. See, with the right information and the proper facts, leg training is much less of a chore.

The following is a leg-anatomy cheatsheet and workout. It’ll help you understand what your legs do and how best to train them. After this, you’ll be looking for excuses to train legs rather than to avoid them.

What You Should Know About Leg Anatomy
I know you want to talk big legs, but let’s get some basics down first. There are three planes of movement: the sagittal, frontal, and transverse. You exercise on the sagittal plane when you move forward and backward. When you move side-to-side, you’re on the frontal plane. Any rotation occurs on the transverse plane. Easy, right?

We could make this much more difficult and super-duper geeky. But I don’t think we need to focus on various movements, concern ourselves with concentric vs. eccentric motions, or worry about stabilizers versus prime movers.

To make this simpler, we’re going to stay on the sagittal plane. It’s where you do most of your lifting, anyway…Continue reading:

The PERFECT Leg Workout Starts at (0:58)

1- Weighted Squats: 4 Sets of 20 Reps (light weight) Superset with Air Squats: 4 Sets of 20 Reps

2- Leg Extensions (1:15) 4 Sets of 25 Reps (light weight) Superset with Iso Wall-sits: 4 Sets of 10 Seconds each.

3- Glute Extensions (1:35) 4 Sets of 25 (each leg) Superset with Kettle Bell Sumo Squats: 4 Sets of 25 Reps

4- Leg Curls (1:55) 4 Sets of 25 Reps. Superset with Single Leg Forward Squats 4 Sets of 10 on each leg.

5- Seated Calf Raises (2:15) 3 positions to failure on each: Inside/forward/outside


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