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The Perfect Back Workout

The Perfect Back Workout

The Perfect Back Workout ►Take What Kaden uses:

6 Tips for Training Back:

Back Tip 1: Squeeze ///
The most important thing to do on every rep of every set of every back workout is to squeeze it. Most of the time the reason you can’t grow your back is because you can’t feel it. Hold the contracted position of each back lift for one second and if you still can’t feel your back working you are probably still performing the movement incorrectly.

If you are doing pulldowns hold the bar at your chest and pull from your elbows to hold it down. If you are doing rows (cable or barbell rows) pull the bar to your midsection and hold it there pulling your shoulder blades together as hard as you can. That pump you get after a full set is your back muscles working. Good job, you just found your back! You’re doing better than most guys out there.

Back Tip 2: Visualize ///
Your mind is just as important when lifting as your body is. Because you can’t see your back working you have to imagine it working instead. Before you start your back workout start to visualize your exercises; pull-ups, pulldowns, rows (dumbbell and barbell), deadlifts, or whatever you are doing that day. Imagine that you are working your back and only your back when doing these exercises and visualize yourself doing these exercises from behind. Visualize what you would look like if you were standing behind yourself.

Watch as your back contracts in your mind and do your best to replicate this feeling in the gym. A lot of the time when I do my back workouts I close my eyes for exercises like pull downs and cable rows. When I do each rep I watch (in my mind) my back contracting when it should. By doing this I always feel my back working to its fullest.

Because I can see my back working I can make it work a lot more effectively. Always visualize your back flexing and contracting while you are working your back and you will have a much easier time feeling the muscles that you are trying to work.

Back Tip 3: Use Straps ///
Harbinger Straps I hate straps. I think they rob you of some very precious forearm stimulation during heavy rows and deadlifts. There is one time that I have felt that straps can help, though, and that is when you are having a hard time targeting your back muscles.

A lot of the time when you can’t feel your back working it’s because of the fact that your forearms and biceps muscles are giving out and getting fatigues much earlier than your back muscles are. This happens a lot more as beginners, and it can be a huge pain. Go to a sporting goods store and grab a good pair of lifting straps. Or you can pick some up on

When you start to use them you won’t have to worry about your forearms and biceps anymore and your back can take the brunt of the work. Imagine pulling from your elbows and using your arms as levers (with straps that’s all they pretty much are) and do your workout. You will no doubt feel the burn in your back instead of your biceps and forearms.

Back Tip 4: Go Light ///
Back Tip 4: Go Light You have an ego. As a weightlifter I promise you that you have an ego. And sometimes that ego can kill the effectiveness of your training. Don’t let it. Maybe one of the most important parts of back training, and any training in general, is to only use a weight that you can actually handle.

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The Perfect Back Workout Starts at (0:32)

1- Pull-ups (go to failure) 100 Reps take a few breaks if you need

2- Bent Over Barbell Rows: 3-4 Sets of 10-12 Reps (0:50)
*Note – Pyramid up in weight for each set (progressive overload)

3- Single Arm Cable Row: 3-4 Sets of 10-12 Reps (1:28)

4- Lateral Variation: 3-4 Sets of 8-12 (1:58)

5- Easy Bar Revers Bent Over Row: 1 set to failure (2:25)


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