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Strongman Trainer – Warning Advanced

Strongman Trainer – Warning Advanced

Strongman Tainer – Warning Advanced, make sure you’re fueled with the right pre workout ►Take What Derek uses:

5 reasons to train strongman-
1- Moving Heavy Loads Over Long Distances, Quickly – This is strongman, and the foundation of functional movement.

2- Keeping it Real- Real objects, real challenges, real grit. Strongman is the real deal.
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3- Primal Movement – All primal movement patterns are covered – pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting, bending, twisting, and walking – with load. Lifting odd loads and performing these movements is in our DNA.

4- Farmer Strength – Strongman builds that strength you wish you had. Raw, slightly unnerving, old school, brute strength that can only be built out in the real world – or through strongman training. It’s that edge to your strength that can only be gained through working with odd objects.

5- Carries – Loaded carries are a staple of strongman. Carries should be a staple of everyone’s strength training. Therefore logic dictates that everyone should do strongman!

Strongman Tainer – Warning Advanced

Workout starts at (0:25)
Warmup – Nuetral Grip Cable Rows 3 sets of 12
Superset w/ Waiter Carries 3 sets of 80 feet (down and back each arm)

1: Log Press Top Set (single) (0:50)
Doubles: 180lbs | 210lbs | 240lbs
Top Set (single) at 260lbs

2: Sandbag/Farmers Medley 80 feet EA (1:25)
Warmup – 200lb Sandbag – 3 rounds (down and back = 1)
Superset w/ Farmer Handles – 150lb Each Hand

250lbs/200lbs EA Hand 3 rounds (down and back = 1)

3: Three Stone Series (2:15)
Warmup – 185lb Stone | 200lb Stone
250lb for a 3 Rep Stone Series – Work up from a 40inch – 44inch – 48inch


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