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INCREDIBLE skateboard tricks | 36 for 36

INCREDIBLE skateboard tricks | 36 for 36

INCREDIBLE skateboard tricks | 36 tricks for 36 Years with John Davidson.
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After pursuing a career in skateboarding and following a unique career path, John Davidson is now a TEDx and active speaker on youth marketing and gaming, leads partnerships and esports at GameStop, serves as President of the Esports Trade Association, and an advisor for Stadia Ventures, Dallas Influencers in Sports and Entertainment, and University of North Texas’ Sport Entertainment Industry Advisory Board.

36 Tricks for 36 Years:
Trick 1: Backside 5-0
Trick 2: Frontside 5-0 180 Out
Trick 3: Frontside Nosegrind
Trick 4: Backside Nosegrind
Trick 5: Kickflip BS 50-50
Trick 6: Kickflip BS 5-0
Trick 7: BS Feeble 180 Out
Trick 8: BS Salad
Trick 9: BS Lipslide
Trick 10: BS Lipslide to Fakie
Trick 11: BS Tailslide
Trick 12: BS Smith
Trick 13: BS Blunt
Trick 14: BS Blunt to Fakie
Trick 15: FS 5-0
Trick 16: FS Smith
Tick 17: FS Feeble
Trick 18: FS Blunt
Trick 19: FS Tailslide to Fakie
Trick 20: FS Tailslide Bigspin Out
Trick 21: Kickflip
Trick 22: FS Shuv-It
Trick 23: Varial Flip
Trick 24: Big Flip
Trick 25: BS Kickflip
Trick 26: 360 Flip
Trick 27: Fakie Kickflip
Trick 28: Switch Flip
Trick 29: Half Cab Kickflip
Trick 30: Half Cab Heelflip
Trick 31: Kickflip Rock To Fakie
Trick 32: Blunt to Fakie
Trick 33: BS Air To Disaster
Trick 34: BS Crooks
Trick 35: FS 5-0 Shuv Out
Trick 36: BS Feeble To Smith


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