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How To Get BIGGER Arms (Top 5 Best Workouts)

How To Get BIGGER Arms (Top 5 Best Workouts)

Here are the TOP 5 Arm workouts to get BIGGER Arms ►Take What The Best use: https://mansports.com/shop/
Let’s get down to the business of big-time bicep and tricep growth. Here’s what you really need to know when building your arms.
Biceps are one muscle group that you usually don’t need a pep talk to get excited about. From the time we were barely out of diapers, we knew exactly what to flex when commanded to “make a muscle.”

Whether your inspiration to train was to look like Arnold or to just be the buffest guy at the beach, you know that great arms are a must. Here is your ticket to the gun show and the best way to train your arms for maximum results.

Effective arm training is and will always be a quest for the perfect pump. If you’re after growth, you need to stimulate your biceps by putting them under tension for an extended period of time.
Try sets in the range of 10-12, 12-15, or even as high as 15-20. Yes, you’ll have to use lighter weights. But the best know…It’s NOT about the weight. Chances are that once you up those rep rates, you’ll finally start stretching out that tape measure. Give this workout a try if you truly want bigger arms.

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How To Get BIGGER Arms | Workout Starts at (0:30)

1 – Dumbbell Seated Curls – 4 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps
Superset each Set with: Dumbbell Skull Crushers 4 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps (0:38)

2 – Preacher Curls – 4 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps (0:49)
Superset: V-Bar Tricep Extensions – 4 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps (0:54)

3 – Standing Straight-Bar Bicep Curls – 4 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps (1:12)
Superset: Overhead Tricep Extensions – 4 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps (1:15)

4 – Isolated Machine Bicep Curls – 4 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps (1:33)
Superset: Single Arm Tricep Extensions – 4 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps (1:36)

5- Single Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls – Burnout to Failure (1:53)
Superset: Close Grip Bench Press – Burnout to Failure (1:57)


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