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Calf Workout (SORE IN 3 MINUTES!)

Calf Workout (SORE IN 3 MINUTES!)

The PERFECT Leg Workout ►Take What Paul uses:

Better Form = Better Calves
Unlike some guys, I don’t get hung up on hitting the gastrocs and soleus muscles of my calves with equal volume and force—although I don’t avoid it, either. For me, it’s most important to really stretch the calf muscle on the negative, and really squeeze the top of the movement. By controlling that motion all the way through, I’ve seen great results in myself and others.

If you’re looking for a revolutionary workout, this isn’t it. My approach to calf work is a pretty straightforward mixture of form and failure:

Use a full range of motion for each rep, and make the reps slow and controlled. Don’t bounce on, say, the calf raise machine. You know who you are!
Go as heavy as possible, while observing Rule No. 1.
Fail on every set when working stubborn muscles groups.
The Calf-Razing Workout
Alternate the below workouts for the next four weeks or so, doing each once a week, so you’re training calves twice a week total. I usually try to train calves on a randomly chosen day as long as it’s not my main leg day, and as long as the day I choose doesn’t jeopardize that leg day with calf soreness. Whatever the day, I usually train calves after cardio or abs.

Select a weight where you fail near the top end of the prescribed rep range. If you can crank 20 reps on these moves, for example, you went too light.

By the way, these single-leg leg-press calf raises, which became drop sets to burnout using legs? Those should make it hard to walk. You’re welcome. keep reading:

Calf Workout Starts at (0:15)

1- Warm Up – Calf/Angle Rotation – 20 secs each direction

2- Medicine Ball ISO-Lateral Calf Raises (0:30) – 3 Sets of 10 Each Leg

3- Glute Extensions (0:54) Multi-directional Seated Calf Raises- 3 Sets of 10 each direction (forward, inside, outside)

4- Seated Kettlebell Calf Raises (1:35) 3 Sets of 10 Each Leg

5- Single Leg Calf Press (2:05) One Burnout Each Leg

1- Single Leg Foam Roller (2:33) – 3 Round of 30 Seconds Each Leg

2- Single Leg Downward Dog (2:50) 10-15 Reps each leg

3- Wall Calf Stretch (3:15) 30 Secs each leg


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