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Build Sexy Shoulders

Build Sexy Shoulders

Build Sexy Shoulders ►Take What Kate uses:

Sculpting your physique and achieving great shape takes time. But a long process doesn’t need to be a complicated process.

Today, we’re focusing on the basics for shoulders. The exercises here are easy to perform and don’t require a lot of weight in order to be effective. As long as you execute these movements using proper form, where you can feel the target muscles working, results will come.

Workout Starts at (0:40)

1- Dumbbell lateral raises 3 Sets 20/15/12

2- Seated Dumbbell shoulder Press (1:04) 3 Sets of 10

3- Easy Bar Upright Rows (1:22) 3 Sets of 10

4- Single Arm Landmine Shoulder Press (1:38) 3 Sets of 10 (each arm)

5- Rear Delt Face Pulls (2:03) 3 sets of 10 / 1 set to burn out.


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