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Top 10 Easy Tips To Accomplish Your Goals This Year

Here are 10 Easy Tips To Accomplish Your Goals This Year. According to research done by the University of Scranton, just over 9% of New Year’s Resolutions succeed!1 This high “drop out” rate has led many to abandon the idea of setting goals at all, with the mindset that “I’ll probably give up or fail anyway.” However, it’s important to set goals for ourselves and practice self-discipline in following through! In one study, those who made specific goals were 10 times more likely to succeed than those who had “vague goals” .2 In other words, if you don’t set a specific goal and actually commit to it, your chances of achieving that goal are less than 1%. I’ve combined personal experience, advice from top behavioral psychiatrists, and strategies from leading entrepreneurs to bring you 10 tips to slay your goals in 2019: (more…) Read More...

5 Simple Fitness Hack Tools To Help Improve Your Workouts

If the last few years fell short of motivating you into six pack abs, then you might benefit from a few fitness hack tools in 2019. They help remove the roadblocks between you and your fitness goal and optimize the effort you’re already giving. These fitness hacks are the foundation for success when setting out to achieve your fitness goals. Each fitness hack applied will give you a strong base to build a routine that will stay with you as you grow from a beginner to an expert in the gym.  (more…) Read More...