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Pure PF3 Will No Longer Be Available Soon – See Details

We regret to inform you that we will no longer be able to sell Pure PF3, as it will be transitioning to full prescription. We will sell through our remaining inventory at which point it will no longer be available.

We currently share manufacturing with a pharma company, and have exclusive rights to this ingredient in the sport nutrition industry. Demand has grown significantly and the manufacturer has decided to go prescription ONLY with PF3.

PF3 in the pharmaceutical world is prescribed for patients to prevent muscle wasting, for nutrient absorption as well as a digestive aid.

As far as we know, this is the first time an ingredient in our industry has gone full prescription (not banned or regulated) due to its effectiveness, vast applications and safety. We’re extremely proud that MAN brought something this innovative and novel to the industry, although short lived.

A product of this nature should be a staple of physique and strength athletes supplement regimen, and for the time being, you can still make it just that. We’ll be selling through the remainder of our stock – when we’re out, we’re out. Make sure to secure your order of PF3 before inventory is exhausted. We can not guarantee that we’ll have stock after a certain date, as orders have been pouring in since we released this news via social media.

P.S. The formula found in Game Day (containing PF3) will remain unchanged as we have sufficient stock and raw materials allocated for production of that product.

Pure PF3 Prescription Only

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