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  • Proper Immune Function

  • Restful Sleep

  • Heart Health

  • Improved Mood

  • Reduced Bloat / Discomfort

  • Brain Health


The human intestinal tract contains a wide and complex microbial community which plays a massive role in human health i.e. human physiology, metabolism, nutrition and immune function.

There’s a sensitive balance that must be held in order to achieve microbiota homeostasis (balance), small changes through diet, external stressors, hygiene and even antibiotics can create a good vs. bad microbiota imbalance leading to poor gut health, gastrointestinal conditions like IBS and even obesity.

As a society, we’re now taking in more junk food than ever, more high-sugar beverages, less fiber, less fruits & vegetables and more medicines like antibiotics… a literal perfect storm for an imbalanced gut. 

Through this you might be experiencing upset stomach, bloating (inflammation), acid reflux and a host of other gut related issues.

Did you know that your gut can even impact things like stress & anxiety and vice versa?! The gut is often referred to as your “second brain,” in constant communication.. 

The ingredients found within GutJoy aim to support a healthy microbiome, leading to improved digestion, better nutrient utilization, balanced gut bacteria, reduced inflammation, boosted immune function and less bloating. 


GutJoy features a plethora of varying fruits, veggies, herbs & ingredients packed with micronutrients, digestive enzymes and antioxidants to achieve a balanced gut environment.

Organic Ginger Powder


Ginger contains the protease zingibain, which digests proteins into their building blocks and can help the stomach process food faster by promoting contractions.

Ground Cinnamon Powder


Studies show Cinnamon and its antioxidant properties have a powerful anti inflammatory response in the body.

Organic Papaya Powder 


Another fruit loaded with digestive enzymes. Studies have shown taking papaya based formulas may help ease digestive related issues like constipation and bloating.

Cabbage Powder


Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable containing powerful antioxidants like sulforaphane and kaempferol that have been shown to reduce chronic inflammation.

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL)


Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL): Shown in studies to promote mucus activity in the stomach, acting as a barrier to acid - this can allow damaged tissue to heal and prevent future acid reflux issues.

Pineapple Fruit Extract


Contains digestive enzymes called bromelain, which break down protein into building blocks (amino acids) aiding in the digestion and absorption of said proteins.

Non-GMO Raw Honey Powder


Honey, namely raw Honey is packed with digestive enzymes like diastases, amylases, invertases and proteases. It’s been found to ease indigestion and may alleviate cramping and gas.


Anyone looking to improve not only their gut health but overall health and wellness. Gut health impacts not only digestion but also immune function, sleep and even mood!




Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Monica R Halde
Gut joy

Love it tried to order a while ago! Used coupon code then it wanted $30.30 to ship! So not ordering!! Sad!! 😢

Gut joy

Great additive to any smoothy.
I feel so good from the inside out!
So happy with my purchase

Ana H
Amazing product

This has been super good for my tummy believe me this stuff will make you have an amazing experience in the restroom lol no joke you’ll feel amazing after you go do your business just order another one just so I have an extra when am out of the first one ❤️

LIsa S
Absolutely AMAZING

I’m not a Vegan, but when I eat like one? I feel so much better. I lead a really busy active lifestyle. I wear many hats and there are many times when I need to grab and go a meal. I was using the ISO-Protein after my workouts in the morning and was okay with it. I was also using it to be a meal supplement because I didn’t have 5 minutes to eat. Now after switching to Vegan Joy? I feel and perform so much better. It is absolutely my go to from this point forward. I love the Cinnamon with some almond milk and it is positively the best. I could tell within 48 hours of using it. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

The B
Happy gut!

I mean, who doesn’t like being regular? Am I right? Haha. Since using this product I’ve had better digestion and shall we say “movements”. Highly recommend! I mix mine with Scorch in the morning and I’m good to go!

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