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MAN Sports NolvadrenXT™ harnesses the strength to be used as an Advanced T-Booster, Hardcore Anti-Estrogen and as a Powerful Cortisol Destroyer, all-in-one, power packed, muscle building product.

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43 reviews for "Nolvadren XT- 56 Caps"

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    Great for PCT

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    Ran two cycles/bottles of Nolvadren XT and it was a breakthrough product for me. Before using Nolvadren XT I struggled to lose weight. After doing some research about how hormones and hormonal balance are related to weight loss, and getting into shape, I decided to try Nolvadren XT. This product got rid of my mid section estrogen bloat that I struggled to reduce with dieting and cardio. The first ten days into taking Nolvadren XT my joints felt a little sore due to drying out, but after that I had no issues. Within a week of taking Nolvadren XT I got stronger in the gym on my lifts and leaned out pretty good. I actually got the cleavage between my pecs as the product kicked in even more. Libido wise there was a boost, and overall improvement in erection quality. At the end of the second bottle I lost 6 lbs but could’ve lost more if I didn’t get lazy with cardio. But I did manage to get my midsection tight and make some modest gains. Overall, a good product that allowed me to get estrogen and cortisol under control to cut weight and build a little muscle. Will buy again and stack with Delta XT.

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    I have tried many testosterone boosters on the market and this product ranks among the top. Within a week you can feel the difference. I am so excited to cycle this product and get the full results!!

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    I dont trust any other anti-E, estrogen blocker other than this. If that is what you need, look no further. This stuff is legit. I do regular bloodwork checks therefore proof is in the pudding. I am 39 and solid with the gains I have made from this.

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    I am 68 years old and have been a gym rat for years. Pretty well toned for my age but always battled the visceral fat at my core. I tried many supplements to battle this with my core training but really had no results. Nolvadren (capsules) changed that. I followed the 8 week plan and my visceral fat just literally melted off my core and the lean and dry physique look I got is amazing. I definitely feel the testosterone boost being a little more aggressive.

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    Getting really great results just 3 weeks in. Libido is off the charts, getting the hard dry results and it really keeps the estrogen in check. It also has the highest dosage of arimistane that i have found. I highly recommend this product.

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    Noticeable strength increase in just the first two weeks. I look forward to seeing how things go using this for a short cut coming up.

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    Used a few different products and this one is by far the best I have used. Complete formula and amazing results noticeable increase in strength and size.

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    I’ve taken both formulas and had great results. Definitely feel a muscle tightness and clean pump. No bloating and good gains in a short period of time.

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    So far after just a few weeks ive seen some results. With time i can see good things from this product. Have felt stronger the last 10 days

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    It’s guaranteed to make you have a dryer look, more ripped. Don’t know if it actually increased the testosterone though.
    Happy with the results.

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    Just started taking this supplement. I’ve seen a difference in my workouts.
    Worked great, felt focused and extra intense .

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    I follow several of the Man Sports athletes on social media and one day Katie Salmon suggested adding this to the line up. I was very hesitant at first seeing as it is a testosterone. I went the website to see if I could find any reviews from ladies, but could not. I went ahead and ordered it because based off of their insight I felt this was going to get me to the next level.

    I am in my third week of the eight week cycle and I have seen immediate results. The first week I found that I was in a much better mood. I can be very imbalanced with my hormones and has seemed to really balance me out. I noticed that the muscles in my arms and my legs are beginning to show definition. My favorite result though is the loss in my stomach area. I am not holding onto water and I can finally start to see a little glimmer of abs show up.

    I am very pleased with my results so far, I look forward to see where I am at 8 weeks!

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    By far the best test booster I’ve ever tried. And for sure the biggest debunker of the myth that these can cause mood swings. Since I’ve started my 4 week cycle I’ve become more vascular, stronger, and less fatigued in the gym! My body also quit retaining water as much helping improve my physique.

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    This is my honest review to have the chance to try out these test boosters. I will try it and see how well it works.

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    After taking this for the second time I am only 3 weeks in. I am seeing crazy vascularity and strength is also increasing. No crazy side effects, no issues that people have with other boosters. I love this product – codyspencer

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    I have tried several test boosters while working in the fitness industry and for the price this can’t be beat. Feel stronger and dryer than before, also noticed much more definition showing up.

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    Bought Nolvadren Xt to put on a little extra lean size after returning to the gym after 6 months off. Worked great, felt focused and extra intense pumps out of my workouts since I stacked it with peptest bulk. I added 5lbs of lean muscle in 3 weeks. I still wonder if it would of had better results if I stacked it with delta xt. If you haven’t tried it, would reccomend.

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    Nolvadren XT truly was a solid product. Experienced increased energy, vascularity increase, crazy pumps and some lean muscle gains! Great product for balancing out hormones to put you in that muscle building state!

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    Great product. Cortisol and estrogen can really put a hold on progress – I have used Nolvadren XT off and on for years both tightening up and putting on size.

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    This is an solid product, I took NolvadrenXT with PepTestBULK and notice plus some strength, and something about 3kg of lean mass in two weeks, with lean look, it dynamic stackable, a great compound for harder lifters, recommended.

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    I must start off by saying this is an incredible testosterone booster/ estrogen blocker/ cortisol destroyer all in ONE! I’m only on day 17 and I have noticed that my muscles are way harder and more defined. Of course I am also taking Delta XT and PR-XT, but I can tell that this product has greatly effected the three things I stated. I want to continue this stack for a total of 8 weeks because the progress I have made so far is incredible. If you’re looking for a testosterone booster you should most definitely give this one a shot. If you’re looking to get a dryer physique grab it and you won’t regret it. Just make sure your diet is in place first to optimize those GAINS!

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    I’ve hit a plateau or even a regression at the gym. Preworkouts still provide energy but not strength. Nolvadren XT stacked with my pre workout gives me strength like haven’t felt in years. My muscle fullness/ hardness is uncanny. Highly recommended!

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    Very good product, im my personal case, I took a half-dose, as 1x caps, with a half scoop of PeptestBULK and notice plus some strength, and augmenting my weight in mass, but the look it’s dryer, very good products from MAN Sports.

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    Amazing product does everything it says on the bottle, take daly and see the results

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    The best hands down! Don’t waste your time or money on anything else.

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    Loved the product! Strength increased a lot! 40lbs to my total on 1.5 month’s which is great for a powerlifter! Highly recommended

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    First time i took this product i was bliwn away. It really gives you that extra push and hardness of muscle at the gym. I would feel the product i same week i started to take it. You will notice muscle volume and strengh will be on point. I felt like a solid rock while on this product. Is been 2 years since i stopped test boosters but if i started agai this would be my number 1 choice! Joints got alittle sore but fish oil help allot…….

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    Absolutely loved it! Took my workouts to a new level. It also helped me put 50 lbs to my total as a powerlifter in one month. Highly recommended

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    I have been taking Nolvadren XT for almost 2 weeks. Besides and overall happier mood I have noticed the problems areas on my stomach and thighs slimming out. My clothes fit better and I feel those areas are tightening up. Excited to keep seeing the results through this first 8 week cycle.

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    I had just recently purchased this product, and honestly can say no downfall or negative feedback. I gained a decent amount of strength, but the best was lower cortisol levels. The effects of this product helped me recover faster and train harder. Although I only took one bottle I feel I could have kept taking it for a longer cycle with more benifits. Great product and definitely recommend. I will be purchasing more in the future!! Thank you MAN SPORTS!

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    I’ve been taking Nolvadren XT off and on for almost 3 years now specifically for photo shoots. The product really starts to take effect week 3 and you wake up a little harder everyday for the next 3 weeks after that initial 21 days. I did 2 pills a day for 6 weeks and the effects would stay for 4 weeks after. Cuts are deeper and strangely I could handle higher amounts of carbs and still stay tight.

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    Took this product in conjunction with Delta for an 8wk cycle. Hard hitting, leaned out. Overall solid results with none of the negative sides youfind with some test boosters.

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    This product is truly amazing.. Took around 2 weeks to notice anything but once this product kicked in.. My gains went way up like 20 pounds on my bench and l got some really good size gains to.. I’ve taken to 2 cycles and I’m super pumped how this works.. My hard off to man sports..

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    I’ve been taking nolvadren since 2012 and I have to say it’s my favorite anti-e supp. It also covers bases on cortisol and prolactin which makes it very versatile, weather your bulking, cutting, or raising/maintaining your hormones. Within the first week I start to look and feel drier, my joints start to dry out as well which is awesome as it’s a sure sign of lowered estrogen levels. Other similar products have changed throughout the years but Nolvadren has stayed the same, which is great because androst is by far the best ingredient for lowering E. Nolvadren is probably my favorite supplement on the market and the only one I’ve continued to buy over the entire 5 years that I’ve been lifting.

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    I have taken nolvadren on sexual occasions but most recently I just finished a 6 week cycle at the beginning of my cut, and the results were pretty amazing. I steadily lost weight while continuously maintaining stremgth and bringing out deep, dry cuts and striations. Definitely a go to

  37. :

    As a rep for Campus Protein I’ve taken several test boosters and taking Nolvadren and Delta together is hands down the best test booster, gives me so much more energy to make it through the work day and makes me feel like an animal in the gym! Always push my customers towards it when they need a test booster!

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    Great product would recommend to anyone that is trying to stabilize hormones. I finished leaner and dryer. Also saw marked gains in strength as well

  39. :

    I’ve never used it, but would like to try it out

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    This is the second time I’ve tried this product and the results were the same the as the first time noticeable strength gains. Also feeling and looking leaner. This time I stacked it with Delta Xt so the results were that much better.

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    Does a great job balancing hormones. I was considerably leaner,drier looking and had a large increase in strength in 8 weeks I and 60 lbs to my bench and 90 to my squat

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    This is the second time I’ve tried this product and there was definitely noticeable strength gains just like the first time I used it Also started feeling and looking leaner. This time around I stacked it with Delta XT so the results were pretty good.

  43. :

    I started running this after my 3 month bulk. First thing i noticed was the diuretic. That kicks in immediately which is good cause it let me know the product was working. During the 8 weeks i was starting to see the seperation of the shoulders and a lot more vascularity and striations. Great leaning agent, im on wk 4 of the rest period but will be using this again starting monday. Effective, value is great and no BS on the label.
    Only thing i would add is more of a strength component but i will be taking this with some tribulus and DAA to supplement the nolvadren. Perfect for this time of yr! (Spring/summer)

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