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***Some Blockbuster clumping or rocking up has occurred. Product is still efficacious and once broken up still easily mix in water. Put in a little extra effort and save some big time cash in the process!

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BLOCKBUSTERTM is in a league of it’s own, and you’ll agree from the very first sip. Taste isn’t everything, but it plays a key roll in the pre-workout experience. We’ve taken flavors to the next level with BLOCKBUSTERTM This isn’t apple juice from when you were a kid…

Beyond taste you’ll “feel the tingle” as it starts kicking in. That’s when you know there’s a kick*$$ workout just around the corner… push more weight, run longer, “kip” harder!

Total Ingredient Transparency

Full disclosure labels are no longer a novel concept but now an industry standard. We list the exact amount of each active ingredient for an added layer of transparency. If you got it, flaunt it, right?!

BLOCKBUSTER™ contains ingredients to boost performance, promote energy and provide amazing muscle pumps.* Here’s the highlights of a few of the ingredients.

AAKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate): Nitric Oxide booster that promotes pumps during your workout.*

Beta-Alanine: A naturally occurring beta amino acid that helps boost intramuscular buffering so you can train harder and longer.* This is what provides the “tingle” feeling.

Hydromax™ Glycerol Powder: promotes pumps through increasing the concentration of fluid in the muscle tissue.* Also aids in hydration and helps promote increased endurance & stamina.*

Choline Bitartrate: a nootropic powder promoting mood, increased focus & alertness and less “brain fog.”*

Green Coffee Beans (Standardized for Natural Caffeine): a proven source for super clean energy.*

Light the fuse – Hit the Gym.

Step 1:

Mix up some BLOCKBUSTER™ – then drink.

Step 2:

Destroy the Gym.

Step 3:

Bask in the glory of another successful workout.

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96 reviews for "Blockbuster – 30 Servings"

  1. :

    so mixability was decent but thats to be expected cause the scoop is friggin huge.
    the apple juice tasted great
    energy & focus & strength was pretty awsome did leg day gvt and was able to up the weight and add 2 extra sets at the end of the workout (squats 155lbs 10×10 drdls 205lbs 10×10 supersets then leg extentions & hamstring curls & calfraises) so yeah felt like i could have gone even longer than i did.
    worked fast about 30 min & then boom. thanks guys

  2. :

    The flavor of this product is on point (I have both the apple juice and blue razz). I use 1 and a half scoops in 12oz of water and it mixes very well. This product definitely is worth the money and gives me that extra “push” that I need to complete a heavy lifting session. I highly recommend this product

  3. :

    Taste was on point, not too sweet. 1.5 scoops is the perfect amount for a great 2.5 hr gym session.

  4. :

    I purchased the Blue Razz flavor and love it, great/ spot on taste, no weird after taste, no added dyes, very effective for increasing my focus and energy output during my workouts. I haven’t experienced any energy crashes after use, infact I feel engaged and productive throughout the day even hours after initially taking it. Hands down the best pre workout I’ve ever used and tasted, I do experience very minor tingling in my face and chest about 20 minutes after I take it, but that subsides after 10 minutes and those side effects are much less in intensity than other pre workouts I’ve tried.

  5. :

    have blue razz and apple juice flavors and both are awesome and mix very me good clean energy and even after the workout still feel with lots of energy

  6. :

    Not only does this pre workout taste phenomenal, the pump and hit of energy is one of a kind. Highly recommend the product for anyone into fitness. Whether just starting out or advanced lifters, this pre workout is for you!

  7. :

    I have tried two other preworkouts in the past 3 months and wasn’t a fan of either of them. I’ve been using Blockbuster for about a week, and I am loving it so far! It definitely does the job, but I don’t feel like I’m super itchy or have outrageous tingles which is a big turnoff for me.

  8. :

    Really like this product. No itchiness or harsh side effects. Steady energy throughout my workouts. The Blue Razz flavor is very good.

  9. :

    I have used both C4 and Gold standard pre workouts prior to using this. Both had bad side effects (Major boost and crash with energy, “itchy” feeling, feeling “loopy”). This doesn’t foo ANY of that. You get a good clean gradual boost of energy and it tapers off. On top of that, it’s easily the best flavor and taste I have ever experienced with a pre workout (Blue Razz). I will keep buying this product because of all the positives, it’s my new go to pre workout!

  10. :

    I’ve been using block buster apple juice pre workout and it’s a clean engergy no jitters and tastes so good

  11. :

    If you’re wanting a pump, wanting somethin to get you that “burn”, look no further!! I can admit I was a little skeptical, but I follow @patriotrich on insta and I gotta admit, this pre workout is BOMB!

  12. :

    Feels great and doesn’t give you the jitters but you still feel the pump I use it all the time!

  13. :

    Tastes great! My only complaint is that I must have gotten the end of the batch because upon opening, it was all clumpy and hard. The next day I have to shake the canister for it to break up☹

  14. :

    Overall a great product. Flavor is awesome and the drive gained after taking it is great. I just wished it packed a bit more punch, got Pep Test Bulk on it’s way though.

  15. :

    I love this stuff! I tried other companies before being introduced to Mansports and felt horrible after taking the product but not with this. It’s a good level of energy to kill my workout and I feel amazing after, no crash!

  16. :

    There are many preworkout on the market. Most of them taste bad and gives you the jitters. This stuff rocks! Not only does it taste amazing, it keeps you pumped, focused, and energized. No jitters, and no post crash.

  17. :

    Hands down the best preworkout I have had in a very long time. Awesome energy, pump and focus and great taste you can’t beat it. I will be using this for a long time!!

  18. :

    The flavor is out of this world and it’s gives you just enough kick to rock your workout !

  19. :

    Let me first say I don’t do a lot of supplement eviews. This however is something I just review. This is hands down one of the best pre workouts I’ve used in a long time and used a ton of them. First the taste is by far the best I’ve ever had. I had the apple juice flavor and it tastes just like that only better! It was nice and sweet with no chemical
    Taste to it. The amount of energy I got from this pre was adequate enough with no crash at the end. Pump was another thing I noticed that was awesome. My muscles felt super pumped up and stayed that way for a while after the workout. Here’s the deal. I was skeptical
    At first when I saw mansports adversitised though a Facebook ad but boy I’m glad I tried these guys out and will try many more of these products. The quality is beyond great and you know what you are getting. It’s safe to say I feel comfortable and confident of what I’m putting my in my body with mansports!

  20. :

    I tried the Glacier Blue Razz. The taste is amazing and it gave me the energy I needed for a great workout without a crash afterwards or the jitters. I think it works great!

  21. :

    I love this preworkout. The energy it gives you feels natural. The taste of the apple juice is great too, I can take it just from the scoop and not gag! Glad I found it!

  22. :

    New in Australia, bought from Muscleworx, has good thing from gameday and sort of feeling mixed with pump powder, gives energy and pump! worked on my training. and I love apple one.

  23. :

    I have fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, and a whole mess of food senstivies as well as caffeine. I sure can drink this stuff though!! Perfect for gym or making a rodeo run, clears up my Fibro Fog!!(Brain Fog from pain)

  24. :

    This product has really helped reach the ne t level in my workouts. Sometimes when I think I can’t keep going through a boot camp I push through and I know it’s because of my extra energy. This flavor is so good!

  25. :

    I have taken so many pre workouts out there and had never really found one that I liked. Either they didn’t mix well, had a weird texture, were too strong for me, or just flat out tasted terrible. Blockbuster is sooooo good. Both flavors taste awesome alone or with other MAN products as a stack. I prefer blockbuster over gameday simply because I do not like putting a ton of caffeine in my body. Even though it has less caffeine, for me, it still performs as well as gameday. I really like combining iso aminos with block buster for those crazy cardio days.

  26. :

    Seems to work good, I think I prefer game day over blockbuster though the flavor is really sweet(apple juice) and it does mix well but has a bit of a chalky texture. But does what it says gives you added focus and energy.

  27. :

    What an amazing supplement. Prior to Blockbuster, I used Game Day exclusively and love it, still do. But Blockbuster allows for a longer workout, where Game Day would peak and wear off within an hour. I use Game Day for arms and shorter lifts and Blockbuster for heavier, deeper lifts. It mixes well and the flavor is great.

  28. :

    Love this preworkout. I’m sensitive to caffeine too much will trigger a migraine. I drink this, no migraine, just a lot of energy. The blue razz flavor is pretty amazing. I was honestly surprised. Blockbuster kept me focused, sweating and energized through my workouts. Will be back for more!!!

  29. :

    Definitely helps you focus on your workout. Unlike some other “pre-workouts” I’ve tried in the past, Blockbuster doesn’t give me any unwanted side effects, just energy to power through my workout. And like all other MAN Sports products, it has an awesome taste!

  30. :

    A good steady energy that taste better than anything I’ve ever tried! No crash afterwards.

  31. :

    Good clean energy that keeps me going hard through my workout. No crash! Apple juice taste sooooo good!!

  32. :

    If you guys are trying to go to the next level on training then this is a great pre workout. It gives you the focus and a nice steady energy boost you need for the crazy morning workouts. I have tried many high stim pre workouts and i always get use to them really quick. When i first purchased the new GameDay i fell in love with it because I never got use to it. When they said they were going to come out with a crazier pre workout i had to try it.

    So far it’s been awesome! For people who are fasting and going to the gym in the morning i do recommend you guys try GameDay first. If you have really high tolerance with stims then you guys should get this. MANSports of course always have their flavors on point!! mixes well and not chalky at all!

  33. :

    Great prework out! Love the taste and with working nights, it’s able to give me that extra boost I need without keeping me up all morning.

  34. :

    So I have used several different preworkouts over the years and have used anything from a non-stim pump product to a high stim product like Game Day.

    So as a TL:DR. This is a good all around product that can really do the trick without the blown your head off stimulant profile. I really like seeing the transparent ingredient profile as well.

    Ingredient Profile: 8.5/10
    Top Portion:
    Good to see a supply of B12, Sodium and Potassium to help with absorption of the products that are listed later on the profile
    Performance Pump:
    AAKG: This is a staple in most pre workouts. I don’t see the best results from AAKG. I personally see better pumps from Citrulline Malate or Agmatine Sulfate.
    Beta-Alanine: Good to see this in here for muscular endurance. Clinical dosages put it around 3.2g so it maybe a little under-dossed but could be just right for someone who doesn’t like the tingles you can get from Beta-Alanine
    HydroMax: This is good to see in the product. I love HydroMax because of the pumps it helps with. Good to see a 1g dose here since that is within a clinical dosage range. HydroMax also has been show to help improve muscular volume days after use as well.
    Taurine: Always good to see Taurine in a product since working out and lifting has show to deplete this in your system
    BlockBuster Explosive Energy:
    Choline Bitartrate: Good to see another product in here that helps with muscular endurance. It is a stimulant by nature and good to see in here at a 1g dosage that will help with mental focus and alertness
    N-Acteyl-L-Tyrosine: Very good to see this in here. It is a good stimulant that helps with mental focus and helps you push through a workout. Only downside is clinical dosages is consider 500mg to 2000mg. So it is a little under-dosed
    L-Theanine: This ingredient when used with caffeine that can help reduce stress and improve mood which can be great if you a dieting and in a calorie deficit. The product also helps improve reaction time and reduce the feeling of tiredness which can help you push through a workout. Good to see it in a clinical dose as well.
    Green Coffee Beans: Good to see a clean natural caffeine in here unlike a caffeine anhydrous

    Mixability & Taste: 9/10
    Overall the product mixed well in a glass with a spoon. There is some grittiness to the texture when you drink it but this is a nature of HydroMax and is the same on other products with it. Flavor is on point just like other Man Sports products. I personally like the Apple Juice flavor over the Blue Razz but both are good. Note to Mans Sports; please do a sour batch flavor on this!

    Overall: 8.5/10
    Overall it is a good ingredient profile that does not hide behind a proprietary blend. A couple items are a little under-dosed but still does the job. The energy is good and clean. It was not the most intense stimulant I have taken but I don’t find myself going toward over the top stimulants anymore and looking more for a complete product with good pump, good mental focus and some energy to push through a workout.

    There are a couple things I think that could be used to help improve the product though. I think using L-Citrulline instead of AAKG would help with better pumps. That is more my personal preference though. I think this will become another option to use when I mix up the pre-workouts that I use. Good job on this one Man Sports!

  35. :

    I love this new preworkout! I love the added pump and it has the perfect amount of beta alanine. I’d say the only negative part is that is has 3g carbs and I eat Keto so that could add up. Other than that, it’s an overall great preworkout and tastes really good. I highly recommend giving Blockbuster a try!

  36. :

    I have tried quite a few different preworkout and blockbuster is my, now, go too! As far as flavor goes apple juice is my favorite and I would give it a 10/10. They are both smooth and light. The Blue Razz was good and anything blue is usually my favorite, but apple juice definitely out did it. Flavor for blue razz is a solid 8/10. The energy gained from the mix was great. Never got shaky or jittery, but had plenty of energy and focus to kill my 2+ hour workout.

  37. :

    Absolutely loved the apple juice flavor. In the mornings on my way to the gym it doesn’t even taste like I’m drinking a preworkout, but it gives me a lot more energy than just regular apple juice!

  38. :

    I’ve never tried a preworkout before so I was kind of anxious about having too much pump up. However, I was pleasantly surprised with lots of energy and no jitters. I got the apply juice flavor and it’s amazing with extra ice. Also had plenty of energy after the work out to run errands.

  39. :

    I’m not a huge preworkout person and I liked it! Super sweet but still tasted good

  40. :

    I’ve tried many I mean many preworkouts and some are very good while others don’t do anything. Blockbuster blew me away. I took it and within 15 minutes it started working. Blue razz tastes amazing and it mixes well.

  41. :

    Tried it and fell in love gave me plenty of energy to get me through my workouts

  42. :

    Loved the taste!! Did NOT like how itchy it made me though! My elbows, ears, and neck were red and itchy. But my energy was great and I felt awesome!

  43. :

    I’ve had many different kinds of pre-workouts and I’ve always ended up going back to MAN Sports. I started with Game Day and Pump Pre-workouts (Which I also recommend) and I saw a new pre-workout from MAN coming out “Blockbuster” and had to snag it. SO GLAD I DID. I felt great, my workout lasted long and didn’t feel any weird side-effects. I also was able to sleep at night which has been a problem in the past taking pre-workouts because I go after work late at night. Blockbuster is now my only pre-workout. Good job MAN!

  44. :

    I work with horses so I have a pretty busy life and I have to cram everything into one day. Some days I just lack the energy for my workouts but I still do them regardless how late or early and I’ve tried several preworkouts but nothing has really helped me like I’ve wanted. I follow Fallon and so I decided to give the blockbuster a shot. I was BEYOND impressed with my performance because of Blockbuster!!! I felt it start to kick in within 20 minutes and I loved the feeling it gave me!! Like you have a beast within you just ready to be unleashed!! At first I was leery because I wasn’t sure if there’d be after effect jitters. There were no jitters and I still felt energized after an hour of doing an intense workout. I was drenched in sweat but I felt like I could go another round! There’s no “crash” effect and I LOVE that about this stuff. I got both flavors but I tried apple juice first, all I have to say is WOW, YUMMY!!! Thanks to Blockbuster and your guys other Mansports supplements, I’m able to get my horses taken care of and my workouts in and still maintain my energy!! Hello wake up call!! Can’t say enough how much I love this stuff!!! If you’re considering it, try it!! You won’t regret it!!

  45. :

    Love it! Love the taste, love the mixability, love the product. Great menral focus and Clarity. Great energy and pumps!

  46. :

    Took it 30 min before going to the gym… perfect timing… gave me fuel like a fire breathing dragon… my jams blasting in my ear… sweat dripping! Did 45 more minutes cardio then I usually do.. just kept wanting to gogogogo!! By far the best pre workout I’ve had! Rock on Man Sports!!

  47. :

    This is a good preworkout for someone who doesn’t like a lot of stimulants. As always no proprietary blends and clear and cut labels. Mansports is a must for any supplement needs.

  48. :

    I am an avid coffee drinker and wanted to find a preworkout that worked well with that. When mansports came out with block buster I was so excited and ordered it right away! I love this preworkout and love the taste of it! I will definitely be buying this preworkout from now on! Keep it up guys!

  49. :

    Flavor was 8/10! Blockbuster gave me great pumps but I still reccomend a little more hydro max in there to get the best pumps. Had great focus but lacked a little energy. Overall solid product

  50. :

    I got the apple juice flavor and it tasted awesome! Gave me a clean source of energy and nice solid pump throughout my workout. I definitely recommend it 100% these guys are always top notch!!!

  51. :

    The quality of this brand is unreal. Top notch!! I have purchased many products from Man sports and blockbuster did not disappoint. Just enough kick and focus. Great, and pure ingredients. The blends of this pre had me going and going in the gym. Intense workouts, intense pumps. I would recommend to anyone, and I WILL BE BUYING AGAIN. Both flavors taste great. Can’t wait for more flavors!!

  52. :

    I got the apple juice flavor and it actually tasted like apple juice!!!. Also, it gave me a great burst of energy and a strong intense pump throughout my whole workout. Definitely my new go to for a pre workout. Keep up the good work guys!!!!

  53. :

    Coming from an avid GameDay/Peptest user and switching on to Blockbuster on my lighter days… I can say it is the best tasting (blue razz) and gives the right amount of kick for my hypertrophy days. Energy lasts long and keeps me focused throughout my workout. It kicks in really fast so if you have to drive quite a bit to go to the gym I would say take it at the gym. Do your warm ups and you should be ready to go.

  54. :

    It’s fantastic, great pump, great buzz, the timed release on it makes it great for a schedule, I love this product so far and Im probably most likely going to be a permanent customer for it,

  55. :

    It’s fantastic I love the flavor, love the buzz and keeps me pumped through my whole workout

  56. :

    I tried both flavors and just can’t get enough of them and just want to drink it all day long ! The performance I get everytime I take it is amazing the energy is on point as no crash and still have that energy throughout the day no problem sleeping either but for me the pump is amazing and feel the muscle gorging in me! So Far this preworkout and also game day will recommend to anyone because you’ll truly have a great workout and performance on high, I will be buying more and will never get enough these flavors!

  57. :

    As someone who has tried several other pre-workouts this one blew me away. I was hesitant to try a new pre workout initially since some usually give me the shakes, nausea, hives. But after checking the ingredients and didn’t not anything alarming I decided to give it a try.
    Once you take blockbuster you feel a sense of “I can kill this fricken workout” without the initial “omg omg omg what did I just take?!” Feeling. The flavors are amazing. Not chalky. Easy to mix in a water bottle or shaker cup. I’ve even taken it straight washing it down with water and have not had any issues.
    Great product Mansports! Thank you guys!! Keep the amazing supplements coming.

  58. :

    I’ve tried both flavors and I’ll probably never get enough of these two flavors cuz you want more. Performance is getting better everytime I used and the pump on this is amazing!!!! The energy was on point even when I was done working out had energy and great mood all day and no problem sleeping . This pre workout as well as Game Day will recommend to anyone cuz of the performance it truly gives and best of all the flavors is delicious that you will never get tired of it!

  59. :

    I loved Blockbuster! I took it about a half hour before I was supposed to be at the gym and for me it kicked in a bit quicker than that so next time it will be about 15 min. I tried blue razz and the FLAVOR WAS AMAZING!!! It gave me the energy and focus to get through a solid workout and I even had energy after I was done for my other activities. I didn’t feel any crash or anything afterwards and didn’t have an issue falling asleep. My only issue was that it didn’t quite mix as smoothly as other MAN Sports products, though I’m sure if I let is dissolve for a few minutes it would be fine! Overall I loved this and will definitely be ordering again.

  60. :

    I love this, I am counting down the days for the restock. I bought just 1 to try and my husband whose super picky loves it and keeps using mine. I don’t get itchy or dizzy like I have with other companies pre workout. This stuff gives me sustained energy and it’s so delicious (I bought Apple flavor) I look forward to the taste. I’m stocking up asap!!

  61. :

    Tried the apple juice flavor and by far one of the best preworkout powders I’ve ever tried. Very energizing and on top of that it taste absolutely amazing! Big fan of game day, but this one is definitely up there for sure! Another great product added to the list from a great company!

  62. :

    I was so excited that I finally got to try this out today! As someone who is extremely sensitive to caffeine, it was great to find a pre-workout that didn’t make me feel like I was going to vibrate out of my skin. I still got that slight tingle from the supplement, but nothing that was uncomfortable or concerning. Blockbuster helped me to power through a tough lifting workout and didn’t leave me with a crash after it wore off! Also, the flavor (blue raspberry) was amazing! It literally tasted like a blue razz lollipop! I love all of the MAN Sports products and this is a great addition to the line!

  63. :

    Tried Blockbuster for the first time yesterday and was first of all very much impressed with the taste. I ordered the apple juice and it was so good! I also felt like it kicked in a lot faster than most products I’ve tried. This product does not give you nearly as big of a kick as Game Day, but for people like me who already drink a ton of caffeine it’s a nice alternative.

  64. :

    First thing that caught my attention was the transparent label. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing that a company cares about their customers and has nothing to hide! The ingredients give me that extra pump during my WODs (especially the AAKG) and I can see my endurance increasing as well. Diet is key, but adding Blockbuster to the mix will definitely improve overall performance. Now let’s get to the flavor! I have no idea how MAN Sports pulled off the Apple Juice flavor, but they nailed it! I feel like a kid again, it tastes THAT good!! Overall, if you are looking for a game changer of a pre-workout and want to enjoy delicious flavoring, then look no further! This is why the product sold out so fast!

  65. :

    The first time I mixed it up I was completely surprised by the flavor! Apple juice is the bomb. It tasted just like that expensive apple juice you can only get fresh from local orchards. Who know a how they do it. But anyway after about 15 min it kicked in and I was laser focused. I did a good 2 hr shoulder and arm day. I could’ve kept going but I would’ve been late to class. All in all it’s great. No jitters or crash. Smooth energy and tons of focus. I love it and will order more soon!

  66. :

    I’ve used Blockbuster for the past three workouts and I feel like I’ve gotten through them easier and had way more energy without the jitters! If you are sensitive to stimulants, this is the pre workout for you! And the taste is amazing! Definitely recommend the Apple Juice flavor. It kicks in super quick as well, and the energy lasts for a long time.

  67. :

    This was the first pre-workout I’ve ever tried. It was delicious!! I expected it to taste like apple juice that you drink at breakfast but it was a little more tart and fun of a flavor! Almost kinda sour! It definitely gave me the extra boost I needed to get in a really good workout. I actually enjoyed the gym for once because I had the energy and the motivation to push myself. I can’t wait for my next workout and to try the other flavor!!

  68. :

    Very rarely will a pre-workout fall into my recommended list, butttt I definitely would recommend Block Buster to someone who is shopping around!

    The apple juice flavor is phenomenal. 10/10. It makes me want to say “Very Nice, How Much.” I have been working out around 7:30 AM and go to a full time job right after. The energy is constant throughout the day. ZERO CRASH

    As for a review here are some of the key ingredients and how they affect our body.

    Beta Alanine – Increases exercise capacity, muscle mass and aerobic endurance.

    AAKG – Little evidence

    Hydromax – Glycerol Powder – Causes Hyperhydration (storing extra water) which yields improvement in resistance training and decreased physiological stress.

    Taurine – Promotes insulin sensitivity, proper hydration & electrolyte balance. Taurine has many benefits and there haven’t been any bad side effects found to date. Japanese people have one of the highest life expectancies in the world but also have a high taurine intake.

    Choline Bitartrate – Aids in the production of amino acids. It is also known to benefit coordination and higher brain functions like thought, intellect and memory.

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: Improves mental function and mood.

    L-Theanine – Not heavily researched but has some suggested benefits. Stress relief and focus. It will improve energy levels and there won’t be the induced jitters some people get from caffeine.

  69. :

    I looove it!!! Taste wayyy better then other pre-workout and give me energy to have a bomb workout

  70. :

    Not the biggest fan of pre workouts then I came across this bad boy and it changed my view. Focus without crash and more importantly without jitters like others always gave me. 1MR and Shatter for example. Then came the pump! Boom I was asked what are you doing that your shoulders got so big so fast!? As I laughed I stated thanks but it’s the pre workout.

  71. :

    Received my order several days ago & I LOVE the Blockbuster preworkout!!! I purchased the blue razz flavor. The flavor & mixability is amazing, not too sweet & no chalky aftertaste. I’ve noticed more energy & endurance in my workouts without any jittery after effects. It has allowed me to crush my workouts but doesn’t make me super awake afterwards – which is key for my evening gym time. Another benefit I love is the clean energy provided & easy-to-read labeling. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for something to help them kick their workout routine to the next level!!

  72. :

    Ordered both available flavors and half only tried apple juice so far.

    – no wild artificial colors, more or less clear when mixed (don’t need a preworkout to be neon green to let me know it tastes good)
    -awesome taste, probably even better than apple juice. I was skeptical when ordering because regular apple juice gives me an upset stomach but this flavor leaves you wanting more when you’re done.
    -mixes easily and completely

    -scoop size is pretty large but all the product is accounted for in the bottle so not like you’re being cheated. The bottle is larger than a 30 serving game day for reference.

    As for the performance of it, I can’t really give any objective measurements. However my workout went well as I had enough energy to get through a leg day and did not have trouble sleeping afterwards.

    Would likely order again but probably wait for another sale.

  73. :

    Finally got to give this a real test today! The energy was good and clean. It never gave me jitters. No yawns halfway through my workout and no crash. I had apple juice flavor and it taste GREAT!! They could of called it apple cider because the flavor is so much better than apple juice. Very happy with it and will be letting my buds get a scoop to try themselves

  74. :

    First of all, everyone wants to know about the taste. MAN always delivers on that aspect. I thought , “Apple juice for a pre?” And hell yeah it tastes just like it sounds. I haven’t tried the blue razz yet but I’m sure it taste great. The performance aspect was on point as well. It isn’t going to hit you with a lot of stims. I.E. game day (which also has a special place in my heart). But blockbuster is a very well-balanced pre and has great stamina properties as well as strength boosting elements. It’s definitely worth it. And when I finish drinking it, it makes me want more because the flavor is a 10/10. Thanks

  75. :

    I ordered the Blue Razz and love it! The flavor isn’t over powering and it’s not chalky. It mixes well and gives me just enough energy to get going without the jitters and have a great workout! Can’t wait to order the apple juice flavor!

  76. :

    I got my Block Buster a few days ago and have been using it before every workout I do and it is INSANE the difference you feel when you use this as your pre workout! You feel so much more energized and hyped to lift heavier! Man Sports has always been my number one supplement supplier and they KILLED IT with Block Buster! Not to mention the flavors feel like a glorified cheat day!

  77. :

    I tried the blue razz flavor and loved it. It tasted great and I didn’t have to gag it down like other pre-workouts I’ve tried. Also it gave me plenty of energy but I didn’t get jittery like I do with every other pre-workout that I have tried. I will definitely be ordering again!

  78. :

    Tried Apple Juice for the first time today and I must say I love it! It mixed really well and gave a noticeable boost without shakes. The flavor was really good, a little sweet for me but I think with a little more water it will be perfect.

    Can’t wait to see what progress I can make after a week with Block Buster!

  79. :

    My husband and I love this preworkout! The blue razz tasted amazing and apple juice tasted just like sour apple! There was no jitter feelings or anything like other preworkouts and no crashing from them either. I love that there is no crazy dyes and that mansports cared enough to think about their customers in doing so. I love that I can drink this even after I drink my coffee and not feel overestimated. Definitely the cleanest energy I’ve found so far. Thanks a bunch! ❤

  80. :

    Finally got my blockbuster in the mail today and had to try it out tonight. I ended up mixing 1 scoop with 16oz of water and shook it vigorously and the powder didn’t seem to dissolve completely. Besides that I have no complaints about this pre workout. The flavor was good and the effects were perfect. I took it 30 min before my workout and it gave me a ton of laser focus energy which I really appreciated. Hopefully tomorrow it dissolves a little better.
    Taste 9/10
    Solubility 7/10
    Effectiveness 10/10
    Overall 9/10
    I would definitely recommend this product to my friends looking for more energy in their workouts!

  81. :

    Tried Blockbuster for the first time today and loved it. It has the same effect as Gameday to me but without the crazy kick. It was smooth and calm but I felt like I could go for hours. Perfect dosing, not tingles from the beta-alanine and niacin. Plenty of pump from AAKG and Hydromax as well and I cant wait to stack it with Body Octane or Pump Powder. Also low stims so no crash!!! Apple Juice flavor reminded me of a red delicious jelly belly but not overly sweet. 9/10 for flavor, 10/10 for mixability and 9/10 for effectiveness!

  82. :

    I ordered both flavors, and i cant pick which one i like more. They both taste awesome, and are smooth as well. When it kicks in, i feel more focused and just ready to rip! Plus there are no jitters or crash after either, which is a huge plus! Also helped me PR straight bar back rows 205 for 4, so yeah, this is legit as it comes!

  83. :

    I tried the Blockbuster for the first time a few weeks back after hearing such great things about it. The flavor was amazing; kinda tasted like candy! I had plenty of energy for my workout without any crash afterwards. Would recommend this to anyone! shelbyacarlson

  84. :

    Got to try this the other day from a buddy of mine and let me tell you this stuff is the real deal!! Not only did it taste great, but I had a killer chest workout. Best one in a while.
    I liked how I didn’t get any jitters afterwards. Ordering some this week.

  85. :

    Tried blockbuster for the first time today, and absolutely loved it!! I am a full time student and I work 6 days a week so I definitely need some help every once and a while and this gave me the boost and endurance I needed!!! Huge thanks to Caitlyn for her help and suggestions! Love it. I will be a Man Sports Customer FOREVER!!

  86. :

    I ordered the apple flavor and I LOVED it!! I had never used Prework before and have always struggled to get a full workout in. That’s not the case now, now my workouts are anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours, I do not stop until I am finished now. This was exactly what I needed to kickstart my fitness. I wasn’t jittery, I did crash hard afterwards but who wouldn’t be after a hard workout that your body isn’t use to? Blockbuster will stay apart of my routine from now on.

  87. :

    I have been using Man Sports products for a couple years now from there Gameday and there Pep Test bulk. Taste was great the apple flavor is very tasty and mixes easy. Clean energy as they say on this site not a huge hit like other pre workouts but it keeps you at a optimal level to keep you going without a crash which is always a problem especially if you workout early in the morning. The pump was amazing you can really feel the AKG powder in there and the dose of choline really does help keep you focused on your workout. I would recommend this if you getting off a heavy dose caffeine preworkout and you want to take a break from it without going cold turkey.

  88. :

    First of all, LOVED the flavor. I bought the Apple
    Juice and I was super happy with the taste and to actually have a different tasting preworkout as opposed to fruit punch. I much prefer this mixability over game day’s mixability. It was smooth, no clumps or grittiness. I wouldn’t have minded adding a little more caffeine to the scoop as it wasn’t as hard hitting for me, but I did enjoy the addition of hydromax in there because that’s something I buy in powder form to add to my preworkouts. Overall, I love it and will continue to use it!

  89. :

    Got both flavors only tried the apple juice and it’s amazing. It not only taste great but it works great too workout feels amazing and I don’t feel like crap after! I’m the words of Caitlyn herself this stuff is the!

  90. :

    I ordered both flavors of BlockBuster and I love them. I drink coffee every day so I was expecting for it to not work very well because of my caffeine intake but I was very wrong! Since getting block buster my workouts have been insane!! I’ve had the best pumps in the last week with BlockBuster. If you stack it with the Pump Powder it is even better! Keep up the good work MANSports!

  91. :

    Bought the apple juice flavor when it was on preorder with high expectations on both flavor and effectiveness. After trying the product I was SO glad because not only did it exceed my expectation in terms of flavor but also in terms of effectiveness. The taste is ON point, it seriously tastes just like apple juice from when I was a kid, which is freaking awesome!!! The effectiveness is great, it’s only 178mg of caffeine (180) which is a good amount for a nice boost of energy but not too much that it causes terrible shakes and anxiety. Mixability was perfect 10/10, no clumps at the bottom to choke on at the end of your drink. I like to mix it with my Dorks pump powder, incredible pre workout combination. I plan to order another 2 tubs when the restock happens, that’s how AWESOME this pre is. Thanks!!!! IG Username: bplot

  92. :

    I purchased both flavors of Blockbuster, so far I’ve tried Apple Juice…and it taste just like, go figure, apple juice. This pre workout offered a great pump, stellar focus, and an overall monster lift. Still have yet to be letdown by any MAN Sports products.

  93. :

    I loved the transparent label which is why I put my faith in the product and ordered two of them. The taste is phenomenal, but its the way it gives me an extraordinary pump. Granted, I added some extra ingredients of my own, but the base formula is blockbuster and it gives mt concoction an outstanding foundation to getring my training in and not crashing which is crucial in my last week heading into my bodybuilding competition. This is my first Man product and I look forward to trying others from this company. Not only is the product great, the customer service and communication stands out as exceptional. Thank you!

  94. :

    I am in love with this stuff!! I ordered the Blue Razz and received it last Saturday. I’ve used it every day since. I was a diehard C4 lover and have not cared for any other pre-workout I’ve tried until now. I actually heard about it through Fallon Taylor and decided to give it a shot. This formulation is AMAZING! I will never go back to C4 again. It’s powerful enough to get me through my toughest lifting workouts, but it’s not too intense to use for running and cardio. It’s an exceptionally versatile product with fewer stimulants, so I can still cater to my coffee addiction without any issues. I highly recommend this for anyone, but as a student who drinks far too much caffeine, I can say that this is the ideal pre-workout for anyone who likes to drink coffee throughout the day.

  95. :

    I have been moving away from the complete pre work outs lately, but after purchasing Blockbuster, I have to say, I will probably stick with them! Not only did the Blue Razz taste awesome, it kept me energized (during my 7:00 am lifts!), pumped and didn’t make me jittery! I also have the apple juice and can’t wait to open it up and try it in the upcoming days! Really pumped to keep adding this to my daily regime and would recommend this pre work out to anyone whose looking to take their lifting to the next level!

  96. :

    Blockbuster is smooth!!!!! The right amount of energy and when stacked with pump powder it leaves you feeling great.. there is no initial freight train kick of energy that most pre-workout hit you with. I got the apple juice flavor and it’s delicious!!! Keep the supplements coming man sports!!!!!!

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  • Serving Size: 1 Scoop (13.65g)
  • Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Calories 10
Total Carbohydrate 3 g 1%*
Niacin 30 mg 188%
Folate (as Folic Acid) 250 mcg 63%
Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 35 mcg 1458%
Calcium 28 mg 2%
Sodium (as Sodium Citrate) 120 mg 5%
Potassium (as Dipotassium Phosphate) 276 mg 6%
Performance Pumps 6600 mg
AAKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) (2:1) 3000 mg **
Beta-Alanine 1600 mg **
HydroMax™ Glycerol Powder 65% 1000 mg **
Taurine 1000 mg **
BlockBuster Explosive Energy 1630 mg
Choline Bitartrate 1000 mg **
N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 250 mg **
L-Theanine 200 mg **
Green Coffee Beans Standardized For 98% Natural Caffeine (yielding 176.4mg of Caffeine) 180 mg **

Other Ingredients: Malic Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Calcium Silicate, Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K).

Allergen Warning: This product is manufactured with equipment that process products that may contain milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, crustaceans, & shellfish.