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The World’s Strongest Legal Anabolic Testosterone Booster PR-XT Is Back!

After being off the market for nearly a year now, we’ve brought back PR-XT in a limited bottle Micro Batch run!

With countless Facebook messages, emails, phone calls and comments, we decided to bring back PR-XT one last time. It doesn’t hurt that we stumbled upon an unused roll of product labels out in our warehouse either 😉

Touted as “The World’s Strongest Legal Anabolic Test Booster” – PR-XT was a fan favorite for boosting testosterone, dropping body fat and increasing strength.

Never had all of these ingredients been combined into a single formula, this stuff was STRONG, and best off all – legal. Pro hormones have come and gone (banned this year), were typically very harsh on the body (i.e. liver toxic) and required a PCT… not a great combination for your body or wallet.

PR-XT is comprised of the following:

PR-XT Ingredients

A great feature of PR-XT is the Beta-2 Leaning & Hardening Blend. These 2 compounds have the ability to promote cAMP and support your physique by promoting healthy body composition. Great for anyone on a “recomp” cycle or looking to maintain lean muscle.

PR-XT is a versitile product as you can use it when bulking, cutting – even maintaining to keep testosterone levels elevated. PR-XT stacks perfectly with Nolvadren XT, Delta XT and PepTest BULK. Throw them altogether in one stack and you’ve covered all bases. We recommend first trying PR-XT by itself so you know exactly how it’s working for you.

As stated above, PR-XT is available for purchase in a super-limited bottle Micro Batch run. It launched last week and is selling fast – if you want your bottle you better snag it quick!


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