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MAN Sports – A Decade In The Game

MAN Sports is proud to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. For a decade, MAN Sports has cranked out cutting-edge, high-quality supplements for serious athletes.

Ten years is a lifetime in the sports supplement industry—just think how many fly-by-night companies you’ve seen come and go since 2004. Trends have blown up and faded away, but MAN Sports has remained a constant of quality and innovation in the industry. Over the past decade, we’ve definitely gone through our fair share of changes but we’ve always kept our core mission in our sights and have never stopped evolving and moving forward. MAN Sports is lean, mean and here to stay providing all of our current and future 1%ers with the highest quality Micro-Batch supplements.

To date, 2014 has been one of the busiest and most exciting years in MAN Sports history. We’ve settled into our recent rebrand and elevated the MAN Sports lifestyle—without ever compromising or losing focus of what’s most important—offering the most pure, highest quality innovative supplements to athletes from every edge of the spectrum.

We’ve done the research. We’ve logged the hours. We’ve promoted our unique, exclusive Micro-Batch manufacturing process. We’ve seen Pure PF3 go prescription-only but continue to refine and improve all of our product offerings. We’ve teamed up with the one-and-only Furious Pete bringing you an exclusive flavor of Game Day. And we’re poised to launch a ground-breaking new product in the coming weeks. In short, 2014 is shaping up to be a hell of a year for MAN Sports.

Take a look back at the evolution of MAN Sports, as we highlight the milestones of the past decade ==> Click Here

A decade in the game. It has flown by and all of us at MAN Sports are primed and ready to attack the next 10 years with the same amount of passion and focus as we had back in 2004. Here’s to 2014 and beyond…

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