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MAN Sports is Established

MAN Sports comes to life promoting clinically-dosed, cutting-edge ingredients, yielding super high quality products.


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Body Octane Released

The very first MAN Sports product brought to market. (Industries first product featuring Beta-Alanine and one of the first to incorporate the use of Citrulline)

MAN Sports Begins Long Standing Relationship with Prometeus Intelligent Sports Technology

Prometeus is a dedicated distributor for nutritional supplements, servicing all European countries. Prometeus sets the benchmark for U.S. brands being sold overseas.


MAN Sports Releases Scorch

MAN Sports launches Scorch, the first full-disclosure fat burner featuring raspberry ketones.


The First Game Day Formula Hits the Market

First Body Octane "Game Day" hits the market -- the first stimulant based pre-workout formula from MAN Sports.


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MAN Sports Partners with Europa Sports Products

MAN Sports partners with Europa Sports Products. Europa is recognized as the industry leader in the distribution of nutritional and sports supplements to gyms, health food stores and speciality supplement retailers. They set the standard in quality, customer service and satisfaction.



American Heart Association Conducts Study of Orotine

Click Here To View Study


MAN Sports Launches Exclusive 1%ER Group



MAN Sports Begins Re-brand

Re-brand includes updated logo, new red, black and yellow color scheme, and a focus on unique flavor systems.



MAN Sports Launches Nolvadren-XT

Nolvadren XT was designed to be the perfect ratio of a 3-in-one hormone modulating product, highly synergistic testosterone booster, with cortisol & estrogenic regulating properties.

Game Day formula featuring Dendrobium Alkaloids hits the market

This formula features Dendrobium Alkaloids, a pump blend of the under-utilized, ultra-effective ingredients GPLC and Glycerol Monostearate, and novel medical-grade protein Pure PF3. MAN Sports further separates their formula from all others by the exclusion of ingredients like Creatine and Beta-Alanine.


MAN Sports Launches Medical-Grade Protein Pure Pf3

MAN Sports launches the first ever medical grade protein Pure PF3 - carving out a new category in high quality protein supplementation.


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MAN Sports Celebrates 10 Years of Business

Ten years is a lifetime in the sports supplement industry—just think how many fly-by-night companies you’ve seen come and go since 2004. Trends have blown up and faded away, but MAN Sports has remained a constant of quality and innovation in the industry.


MAN Sports moves into new 10,000 sq ft facility


Yellow Rebrand Kicks Off

Yellow re-brand includes updated logo, yellow color scheme and aggressive holographic labels.

NOOPump the first ever Pump & NOOtropic stack is launched

NOOPump launches featuring an “LTP Mental Domination” blend of ingredients to boost cognitive function without the use of stimulants. This is combined with potent pump ingredients to create the first ever Pump & NOOtropic stack.

ISO-AMINO with ultra-unique flavors are launched

ISO-AMINO brings flavor to a level it has never been in BCAAs! These ultra unique, mouthwatering flavors are delicious to the very last drop.

ISO-AMINO fuels MAN to #5 in “Top 5 Brands of 2014” on

PepTest BULK is launched

PepTest BULK hits the market with tons of feedback that this is far and away the STRONGEST pre-workout available.


MAN Sports wins “Trusted Brand of the Month” on

A proud moment for all of us at MAN Sports - we won the Trusted Brand of the Month for June, 2015 at! We now rank among the top brands on SR!

MAN Sports Drops Delta XT

Featuring efficacious test boosting, estrogen blocking and muscle building ingredients in a unique combination.

MAN bumps up a spot to #4 on “Top 5 Brands of 2015” list at

Pump Powder is launched

A simplified pump pre-workout that can be easily stacked with any stimulant based pre-workout featuring 3g of Citrulline Malate.


Clean Protein Full Disclosure Protein is Launched

Clean protein features a full disclosure protein blend. This means you know exactly how much of each protein source you are consuming. Typically blended protein products feature a proprietary blend of ingredients, leaving you in the dark as to what’s in them.

The First Ever Coffee Creamer Amino is Launched

ISO-AMINO Coffee Creamer Bliss is the first ever BCAA that comes in delicious coffee creamer flavors!

Blockbuster is Launched

Featuring a full disclosure label showing the exact doses of each ingredients. Blockbuster provides a super clean dose of energy, pumps, and a boost in endurance.


MAN Sports named “Brand of the year” at


ISO-Protein Is Launched

ISO-Protein™ is launched containing super-premium 90% Whey Protein Isolate in an instantized powder for easy mixability with OUT OF THIS WORLD TASTE!

BrainBridge is Launched

A breakthrough nootropic powder supplement that was created for high-level thinkers, gamers, students and entrepreneurs.