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Go Deep into Game Day – Part III

Welcome to another installment of Go Deep into Game Day. MANAMANIA is in full swing and there’s no better time to continue our quest of crushing pre-workout misconceptions and breaking down all the factors that set Man Sports Game Day apart from the rest of the pre-workout pack.

In Part I of Go Deep into Game Day, we focused on the supplement mix that comprises Game Day’s potent pump blend—the instant Nitric Oxide Stimulator that keeps your pump going strong even after your workout is complete. You got the low-down on GMS, GlycoCarn®, L-Norvaline and Rutaecarpine.


In Part II of Go Deep into Game Day, we singled out one key ingredient—dendrobium alkaloids—and took a closer look at what makes it an integral element of Game Day’s killer, clean energy formula.

For Part III, we’re pulling a 180 and focusing on two ingredients you WON’T find in MAN Sports Game Day, as well as WHY they didn’t make the cut. Those two ingredients are creatine and beta-alanine.

So why not add creatine to Game Day? The answer is simple. Creatine can be dosed much differently based on a number of factors. When it comes to pre-workout formulas that boast creatine, the creatine itself is typically underdosed and results in no useful value. In short, the added creatine is merely fluff for the label. Another filler of sorts. Marketing based on misconception. The truth is, supplementing creatine correctly to reap its benefits means actually supplementing with a proper dose of a superior creatine—which is why we make Orotineand why we brought back a limited run of Clout. You can read more about Clout here and Orotine is a topic that merits its own discussion, so stay tuned. But for now, remember—when it comes to pre-workouts, creatine doesn’t always make it a better formula.

On to beta-alanine. There’s no arguing that beta-alanine is an effective performance booster. The issue lies in the fact that beta-alanine has become a crutch in many pre-workouts simply because manufacturers know users can “feel” it from the tingling sensation it provides. At MAN Sports, we’re not about crutches and complacency. When we formulated Game Day, we wanted something more—something better. We wanted users to be able to feel our product and experience a new level of crisp, clean energy and focus along with freakish pumps through our one-of-a-kind ingredient blends. Game Day works throughout your entire workout and beyond—and can even be stacked with one of our products that DOES contain Beta-Alanine, the muscular endurance performance aid BODY OCTANE.

Remember—MAN Sports Game Day isn’t just a random assortment of fillers and stims. It’s a strategic combination of science, research and testing designed to give you the energy you need to destroy your next workout and all others to come. To push you to your limit and beyond. So grab some Game Day and take yourself to your next new extreme. Whether you’re a fanatic of Furious Pete’s exclusive new Tropic Fury flavor, you’ve got a flair for the exotic with Game Day’s international formula or you’ve been hooked since day one on the delicious, ice-cream-truck inspired Blue Bombsicle, Game Day gives you the energy, focus and pumps to up your intensity and reach your goals.

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