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Go Deep into Game Day – Part II

Dendrobium Alkaloids. Although the name sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, it’s not a mysterious alien race from the Dendrobium galaxy. And it’s not something

you find inside a battery. This powerful powder is derived from a member of the orchid family and is another in an elite list of ingredients that sets MAN Sports Game Day apart from the rest of the pre-workout pack.

In Part I of Go Deep into Game Day, we focused on the supplement mix that comprises Game Day’s potent pump blend—the instant Nitric Oxide Stimulator that keeps your pump going strong even after your workout is complete. You got the low-down on GMS, GlycoCarn®, L-Norvaline and Rutaecarpine.


In this second installment, we’ll single out one key ingredient—Dendrobium Alkaloids—and take a closer look at what makes it an integral element of Game Day’s killer, clean energy formula.

Dendrobium is native to southern Asia and has been used in China for more than 1,000 years for its medicinal and strengthening properties. In recent years, the Western world has jumped on the Dendrobium bandwagon—most often in the form of Dendrobium Extract.

In contrast, MAN Sports uses only the purest Dendrobium Alkaloids in Game Day, which provide more powerful and more precise energy and mood elevating properties compared to often impure (and inferior) extracts. Combined with other key ingredients in Game Day, Dendrobium Alkaloids offer an intense focus and clear energizing benefit.

Along with a serious energy kick and uplifting mood boost, Dendrobium Alkaloids have been shown to not restrict blood flow like many other stimulants do. In short, more blood flow equals more pumps, more reps, more growth and more muscle. Not too shabby for a flower, right?! And lets be honest, energy from a pre-workout is great and all, but if it restricts your blood flow…. kind of counter-productive, right?

Although there are some Dendrobium skeptics out there, for each skeptic, there are five times the scientific journal entries, support and references that note the positive properties of this prized, long-used traditional supplement. There’s a reason it’s been around for 1,000+ years and is still used widely throughout the world today.

MAN Sports Game Day isn’t just a random assortment of fillers and stims. It’s a strategic combination of science, research and development/testing designed to give you the energy you need to destroy your next workout and all others to come. To push you to your limit and beyond. So grab some Game Day—maybe even try Furious Pete’s exclusive new Tropic Fury flavor—and get to work.

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