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Ultra-Pure Glutamine Peptides – Only from MAN Sports

Glutamine, the most well-known of all amino acids and also the most commercially available—with an overwhelming amount of choices from countless brands and manufacturers.

So you know the name and you know you should be supplementing with it, but how do you sift through all the products and marketing hype to find out which glutamine you need to fuel your body for optimum performance?


Let’s start with the science behind glutamine. Simply put, glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body. And we all know that amino acids form the proteins that help build much of your body’s tissue, especially muscle.

Surprisingly, even though it’s the most abundant, glutamine is technically not “essential” to sustain life. Your muscles store most of the glutamine in your body, followed by your lungs, which are a key production ground for glutamine. Glutamine is key to a variety of metabolic processes and serves as the principal carrier of nitrogen in the body. Although it may be true that glutamine isn’t essential from a medical perspective, the research shows that glutamine is a must if you’re serious about your fitness goals and giving your body the building blocks it needs to gain lean muscle and strength. There’s no doubt that glutamine is a vital energy source for many cells and a core element in building muscle, gaining strength and recovering post workout.

According to American Dietetic Association, glutamine is believed to help prevent infections following athletic activity and speeds post-exercise recovery—making it a popular choice for aiding muscle growth in bodybuilders and helping serious athletes stay sharp and strong. Doctors also use glutamine with patients in a catabolic state of injury or after surgery.

We’ve covered some of the science behind glutamine, which leads us to our next topic—L-glutamine versus Glutamine Peptides. MAN Sports only offers ultra-pure Glutamine Peptides. When choosing a glutamine supplement, you can’t settle for an everyday run-of-the-mill L-glutamine powder. L-glutamine powder is freeform, meaning that it isn’t bonded to other amino acids, making it much less stable and inefficient. MAN Sports Glutamine Peptides utilize a unique peptide bond, equaling more purity, stability and better assimilation by the body. MAN Sports Glutamine Peptides help build lean mass, fight against catabolism and have been suggested to have an immunomodulatory effect. MAN Sports Glutamine Peptides:

–        Are ultra-soluble

–        Actively promote recovery and endurance while reducing muscle soreness

–        Are uniquely peptide bonded using Hyvital® Wheat Glutamine PU and a microbial enzyme for optimal muscle tissue saturation—no animal-derived ingredients are used in its manufacturing

–        Are produced with the industry-leading, exclusive MAN Sports micro-batch process, giving you a guaranteed 2 grams of peptide-bonded pure glutamine with each serving to help build lean mass

Diving even deeper, glutamine peptides are absorbed twice as fast as freeform L-glutamine. And L-glutamine is mostly absorbed by the immune and digestive systems. Glutamine peptides, on the other hand, are absorbed quickly and make their way through your entire muscular structure.

Bottom line—if you want pure glutamine powder to build lean muscle mass, you need MAN Sports Glutamine Peptides.


†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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