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Fitness E-Books – Dieting, Workout Out & Supplements

E-Books are taking the fitness industry by storm as an easy way to pack information into one book and distribute it to others easily online. However, with many fitness eBooks come a LARGE price tag. At MAN Sports we decided to create five unique E-Books to share for FREE! We believe that our customers should be able to get help accomplishing their fitness journey without handing over a bunch of cash. In our E-Books we lay the foundation to accomplishing your fitness and health goals. In our five E-Books we wanted to be sure to cover the 3 pillars of fitness:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Supplementation

These serve as AMAZING guides to tackle all aspects of your fitness journey, especially for those just beginning and being unsure of exactly where to start. 

An overview of the guides we offer:

Beginner’s Guide to Working Out

  • This guide is for those just starting off in the gym or looking to change up their current workout routine. We provide a full training split along with specific workouts so that you can maximize your efforts in the gym! Combine this workout guide with a healthy diet and proper supplementation and you will have a great foundation to begin your fitness goals!

Beginner’s Guide to Supplements

  • One of the most common questions we hear is how to correctly use supplements or which ones should I take, so this beginners guide is here to help you understand! In this guide we break down supplementation by explaining what supplements are, how they work and how to take them. It can be confusing, but with a terminology guide, uses and a sample supplement schedule, you will have everything you need to make it easy to get started.

Beginner’s Guide to Dieting

  • Dieting can be a tricky, and you may not know exactly where to start, but this guide will help you figure out where to begin. In this guide we cover a basic meal plan (for both men & women), tips to stay on track and provide a supplement schedule to meet your supplementation needs! Combine this with a solid exercise program and you will start to feel and look your very best!

Healthy Lifestyle Cookbook

  • When you hear the word “diet” do you automatically start to think of all the foods that are off limit? Well we created this cookbook to show that there are healthier ways to enjoy the treats you thought you couldn’t have! This cookbook contains 25 recipes that incorporate our supplements into tasty treats! These treats are everything from cupcakes to brownies and doughnuts to coffee drinks! 

Healthy Treats Cookbook

  • In this cookbook we provide 25 tasty recipes that use recovery based supplements to make delicious treats, drinks and gummies! Stay on track by making some of these amazing recipes that taste so good you will have no idea they are actually healthy! 

By taking advantage of these FREE eBooks that MAN Sports has to offer you will be well on your way to being your best self! You will have a basis of diet, exercise and supplementation to make the most out of your hard work and make it easier to achieve your goals. 

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