EAAs or Essential Amino Acids, are a combination of nine amino acids that your body can’t create on its own. Meaning the only way to acquire these “Essential” aminos is through food and/or supplements. EAAs include leucine, isoleucine, valine, histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and tryptophan. In case you don’t already know, amino acids are the building blocks of protein and an important part of the muscle building process, preventing catabolism, and can even improve mental health. You can find essential amino acids naturally in foods like meat, fish, eggs and some vegetables. 

You can find our EAA’s in powder form in three delicious flavors; Apple Juice, Rainbow Sherbet, and Jolly Watermelon. 

What’s the difference between EAAs and BCAAs?

The three essential amino acids found in BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The mission for EAAs and BCAAs are almost the same, however EAAs cover more ground with a wider amino acid profile. 

 You might hear noise in the fitness industry about which supplement is better than the other, EAAs for BCAAs. Ignore the noise, both are a SUPPLEMENT. Like many supplements, you can get the benefits from food sources, but are you getting enough to do any good? That goes for many supplements in the marketplace. This article is intended to educate you about the benefits, and we say the more the merrier. Your supplementation is only as effective as your diet and training program. Whether you’re a professional athlete, training on an empty stomach, don’t have time for a post workout meal, or trying to lose weight and get rid of excess fat, EAAs can most definitely help you!

Why should I take EAAs?

The number one mission for EAAs is to repair muscle and prevent any muscle catabolism (the breakdown of muscle) that may occur. This can happen when you’re in a fasted state. If you’re in a fasted state, fuel yourself with a shake of EAAs to continue any fat oxidation you will get from a lack of glucose utilization for that much needed energy.  

Our EAAs aren’t just for those in an intermittent fasting routine either. Combined with our packed hydration formula, our EAAs are for those intense athletes that train at an extremely high level. The goal is to hold on to your muscle, burn fat and stay hydrated. If this aligns with you, then you need to add EAAs to your regimen.

It’s time to add EAAs to your routine 

It’s time to preserve your muscle mass while in a calorie deficit with EAAs. My recommendation is to use ours during your workout. The hydration formula added to the our EAAs will also help with your pump. I also like to go to the gym on an empty stomach, so it’s “essential” for me to keep my muscles protected. Are you plant based? We got your covered because all of our amino products are from vegetarian sources. 

Would love to hear your feedback and hear any questions you have about EAAs or BCAAs. I hope you’re encouraged to use this article to do your own research on quality supplements like MAN Sports provides. It’s so important to understand what you’re putting into your body and the impact it will have both positively and negatively.

You can find our EAA’s in powder form in three delicious flavors; Apple Juice, Rainbow Sherbet, and Jolly Watermelon. 


Author: Rich Wilkins 

Chief Content Officer MAN Sports